December 2008

Beautiful Mk1 Pajero

This is Rosalind and her very well kept Mk1 Pajero. Rosalind’s been very kind in letting me publish these excellent photos. Have a close look and see how good this Paj looks. Seems like a minter to me! Quite a few photos to enjoy here. And here’s a little Pajero poetry written by [Read more...]

December 10, 2008 // 9 Comments

Tony’s Cold Starting Trick

  Tony emailed me to share his experiences of Pajero ownership a while back. He’s been kind enough to let me publish it here. Possibly the biggest problem us Pajero owners have at this time of year is cold starting, so it’s interesting to hear what Tony’s done to try and fix [Read more...]

December 8, 2008 // 75 Comments

It’s Getting Cold

We’ve had the first real snowfall in my part of the world today and whilst it’s not very serious, it felt good to have that four wheel drive underneath me. One thing that did bother me today though was that the beast didn’t start first time. Bit worrying as she usually does, no [Read more...]

December 2, 2008 // 0 Comments