What’s this website all about?

I decided to start up this website about the same time I bought my first Mitsubishi Pajero. You’ll be able to follow my progress through the ownership of this motor and see how I get on with tackling the mysteries and adventures I’m faced with.

In fact I’ll be talking about two very specific subjects split into sub-categories:

  1. Living with a Mitsubishi Pajero on a daily basis
    Running it, maintaining it, customising it (maybe), paying for it – that kind of thing
  2. Going off-roading in it
    Learning how to drive off-road, preparing the car, fixing it (probably) – that kind of thing

All activities will be accompanied by lots of photos.

What sort of 4×4 experience do I have?

Absolutely none. The Pajero is the first 4 wheel drive car I’ve owned and I’ve never been involved in off-roading before. Update: I’ve got a little bit now! Browse the site to find out more.

What experience of working on cars do I have?

Not much really. I’ve done a fair bit of my own servicing over the years – oil changes, brakes, coolant systems – stuff like that. I’ve also swapped the odd exhaust and once upon a time I changed the wheel bearings on my MkV Cortina. But I’ve had pretty new cars in recent years (the last I had from new), so there’s not been much call for it. I’m ambitious and confident about building up my skills though. Update: I’ve got some more now! Browse the site to find out more.

Why a Mitsubishi Pajero?

That would take a long time to answer fully, but from what I’ve learned it’s a very competent off-roader, is well equipped for regular driving, is cheap to buy compared to some off-roaders and should last forever if you look after it.

Of course people could argue against these points and I have many others, but for now the decision is working for me.

Why not a Mitsubishi Shogun?

For those who don’t know, Shogun is the name given to this car in the UK (and other places) and Pajero is the name given to it in Japan (and other places?). So to buy a Pajero in the UK it has to be an import. Japanese imports are said to be excellent value for money as they are in better condition than equivalent UK cars as the Japanese don’t salt their roads. A Japanese Pajero is also said to be better equipped as standard than a UK Shogun as well.

Please note: I know full well there are arguments for and against what I’ve just said in the paragraph above. There are also specific downsides to owning a Japanese import, but not a big deal to me personally. I certainly don’t want to upset any Shogun owners out there!

Update 2013

Amazingly it’s 7 years ago since I bought my Pajero though I sold it a couple of years ago and haven’t had one since. This was mainly down to economics. 25mpg is what you’ll get from a Mk2 Pajero if you’re lucky and with today’s petrol prices I just couldn’t afford that. But I do miss the Paj 🙁

As such, I’ll be keeping the site going indefinitely but it might not be updated as much as I used to do. If anyone would like to buy the site and associated domain name (pajero.co.uk) I’d be interested to listen to offers.

If you would like to leave a comment and let me know about your situation, please use the Pajero Discussion page