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I didn’t get the Pajero for posing around on the street blasting loud music out the windows, but I do like some music now and again. When I bought the truck I noticed it had a modern looking JVC head unit but I didn’t bother testing it or anything as it’s the last thing on my mind when buying a car. But when I got it home I was amazed at just how poor it was.

Turns out that the stereo was only wired up to 2 tiny Mitsubishi speakers that are set low down on either side of the dashboard. So I’ll need to replace those and take it from there. Obviously I’ll need at least 2 other speakers further back, but not sure where to put them at this stage.

I asked a few questions about this on the Pocuk forums and it seems that my Pajero is very much short of what is often available. What I mean by this is that I only had the 2 front speakers in mine and not even any holes already cut in the panels for any more. Many SWB Pajeros come with 2 in the front dash, 2 in the front doors and 2 just forward of the rear seats in the side panels. LWB Pajeros differ even further. At least this is my understanding.

So to get to say the 6 speaker stage I’d have to do some cutting and from what I’ve read it’s not an easy task fitting them, what with removing the panels and then struggling for space to fit the speakers behind them. I’ve seen a few photos of speakers mounted in the rear side panels that actually stand proud of the panels and need to be packed out with mdf to sit properly, so as not to let the magnet touch the metal panel behind. Seems this can also lead to some vibration problems.

I’m not happy about going down that route, so I thought I’d look at making a rear parcel shelf instead to seat 2 6×9’s in as I’ve seen other people do. The big drawback with this of course is that I’ll pretty much lose the little boot space available. Read future posts to see how I get on with my speaker adventures!

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  1. Hi, seem to be having fun with your ICE installation – I have seen a pic somewhere on net of a guy who installed an ICE system in his SWB Pajjie – I think he actully made up an enclosed shelf that sits up in the upholstery area behind the rear seats!! Looks kinda neat as well – Quite large speakers too – Not sure how the accoustics sound.

    Anyway, good luck with your project.

    Saint Paul

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