AIBA Works Steering Guard Added

I’d been wanting a different steering guard for as long as I’ve had the Pajero, but getting the one with the right look was important to me. After all, the standard one does the job perfectly well, so putting a new one on is about cosmetics as much as anything.

I’ve always liked the aluminium ones with big holes in the front to look at. I’m sure there are other manufacturers that do them, but the AIBA Works guard is a popular one I believe. Even so, it seems that they are very rare and seldom come up second hand.

I managed to get one from another Pajero-nut, Steve, who I know through POCUK. Trouble is, the only reason he was selling it was because he couldn’t get it to fit one of his Pajeros. The reason being, it had some of the fixing brackets completely missing. Anyway, I took a punt and bought it off him.

Once in my possession I worked out what I needed to do and after a bit of DIY engineering and some swearing, I made it fit. Here she is after some greenlaning:

AIBA Works Steering Guard Pajero

I actually managed to give it a big whack on this trip, so if you look carefully you can see I’ve bent it a little bit. I’ll whip it off at some stage and see if I can straighten it. Those with a keen eye will also note that I’ve added a new, horizontal number plate to show it off a bit better.

One concern I had about an aluminium guard is would it be strong enough? Well, as soon as I got my hands on it I could see it was a pretty heavy duty bit of kit. It’s 6mm thick and although ali is softer than steel, I have no doubt it will stand up to some hammer.

I’m very happy with the look it’s given the front end of the Paj. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I like the look, but again, how strong is it comparing to steel? I have plowed a few big rocks with the stock guard. All that’s happened to it – a few scratches and dents.

  2. I guess time will tell Egor (thanks for your comment). One thing about the stock guard is that I think it’s got a better shape. It kind of curves more whereas this AIBA one is a bit flat and angular, making it more likely to get caught.
    Ultimately if it doesn’t work out I’ll go back to the standard guard.

  3. matt rogers // March 2, 2012 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    Hi there tim ,ive just bought onre of these off ebay but its come with none of the fixing brackets. Any chance you could put up a picture of yours so i can try and makes some up. Cheers

    • Hi Matt
      Sorry but I no longer have it and I don’t have any photos either. I’ve a mate who still has one I think so I’ll try to get hold of him.

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