Bought My First Pajero

This is where the story begins.

After searching for several weeks (seems like years) I’ve just bought myself a Mitsubishi Pajero. It’s a 2.8TD Auto Bluemoon Limited Edition – 1995 with 71000km (44000 miles) on the clock.

I found the truck for sale at a dealer via the web and had to travel about 25 miles to see it. I reckoned from the advert it should be worth having a look at. As I approached the dealer’s place I could see the truck parked up amongst all his other motors. It was a nice day and the beautiful deep blue paint was gleaming along with the chromed bits and pieces. First impressions were very good – of the truck and of the garage.

I decided to have a quick look around the motor’s exterior before going to see the man for the keys. Bodywork looked pretty exceptional for 12 years old. Then I laid under the back and front to see what it looked like underneath. Amazingly clean was the answer. Things were looking good.

So I had a wander down to the office and started chatting with the garage owner who immediately came across as a nice bloke and about as trustable a car dealer as you would find! He told me it was one of the cleanest examples he’d ever seen, but he would wouldn’t he? He gave me the keys and told me to go out in it or do what ever I wanted really.

Back to the car, jumped inside and immediately noticed the interior matched the condition of the rest of the vehicle I’d seen so far. Time to have a look under the bonnet. This was a surprise. If someone had shown me under that bonnet and told me the car was 1 year old I would have believed them – amazing condition for the age. Well, I’ve not even started it yet and I’m pretty much sold. Overall condition’s great and the price is right.

So I took it for a test drive and tried to look for all the possible faults I’d been reading about on the web but couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it apart from one of the two-wheel-drive indicators not displaying on the dashboard which is a common and insignificant problem.

Back to the garage, did a bit of dealing over warranties, servicing, tax etc and shook the man’s hand! I can’t pick it up until next Saturday due to other commitments so I now have the agonising wait until I get my hands on it.

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