Can You Do Better?

OK, it’s about time I expanded the scope of this website by offering an open invitation to all readers. Basically I want to get much more input from you people out there by including your photos and stories on this site. What I’d love to see is more input into:

  • The Visitor’s Pajeros Section where you friendly folk send me images and stories about your cars
  • The Pajero Photos section where you simply send me images of great Pajeros from around the web or in your own personal collection
  • The Pajero Videos section where you can send me a web link to interesting Pajero videos

So all you need to do is check out the Visitor’s Pajeros section for more info on that, or simply send your Pajero photos and Pajero Video links to me at

And what do you all think of this photo below? I of course chose it for the stunning scenery!!! Damn, it’s amazing what accessories you can add to the Paj these days. Seriously though, if this happens to be you, your Pajero or your wife/girlfriend – please get in touch and tell me all about the pic! Clean comments can be added below.

Girl on a Pajero

6 Comments on Can You Do Better?

  1. Is it possible to send videos of pajero as well?

  2. Yes Egor. Send them in and I’ll set up a videos page too.

  3. wow !! wot a pic n’ the lady’s not bad either… how much for both !

  4. Hi Brian! My guess would be the lady would cost lots more than the Paj!!!

  5. Very beautiful lady, and the pajero look fab as well.

  6. Nuno Moreira // April 14, 2009 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    I also have a 95 paj as you say, SWB color grey…
    By the way very nice lady…
    Good catch…
    All the best from Portugal

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