Instyle Pajero

Herold’s Norwegian Instyle Pajero

Herold from Norway contacted us with a picture of his ‘Instyle’ Pajero plus details and also some information about his cold starting set up. Here’s the photo and it’s a Mitsubishi...
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Mk1 Pajero from Australia

Alex from Oz

Alex “From the land of Oz” recently sent me these stunning pics of his Mk1 Pajero in Australia. Only makes me want a Mk1 even more! Enjoy Click images for full size.
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Mk2 Pajero In The Brown Wet Stuff

Nothing too remarkable about this pic, but I just like it!
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Gold J-Top Pajero

I really like this one. It’s got a classy, more understated look about it compared to the other Japanese J-Top’s we’ve featured. Did I really say “understated” about this?!!!

Maltese Pajero Police Car

Another emergency Pajero. This time a Mk2 police car from Malta.
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Paris Dakar Mk1 Pajero

I love this! It’s a 1988 Paris Dakar Rally Special Edition. Lots of extras including Recaro seats. Lovely Mk1 Pajero if ever I saw one.

Yellow J-Top Pajero

Well it’s kind of yellow! Another one of those amazing Japanese J-Top Pajeros. I wish I could get hold of some of those extended wheel arches in the UK.

Another Bluemoon Pajero

Here’s another one of the 500 Bluemoon Pajeros that were made. I found this on eBay. If it happens to be your truck, please get in touch and tell me more about it. This looks like a standard Bluemoon...
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Snow Ready Mk2 Pajero

This Pajero certainly looks ready for action! Check out the low tyre pressures to help in the snow.
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Pajero Police Cars

These lovely new Mk4 Pajeros are owned by the police force of Cyprus.
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