Daz’s 2.8 Exceed

Daz got in touch to tell me about his Mk2 2.8 LWB Exceed.

Apparently he’d always fancied an off-roader and when his wife suggested a people carrier for a second car, he didn’t need another invitation!

He also mentions that the site has been useful to him in the past and I certainly hope I can make it more so in the future.

Anyway, thanks for sharing Daz. I must say that Pajero looks to be in very good condition for its age.

Pajero 2.8 Exceed

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  1. i have a pajero 2.8 T. D.INTERCOOLER ,but i can t find the oil filter ,i want to change it+i don t know what sort of oil i should use??
    any advise?

  2. Have a look here regrading the changing of the oil filter: http://www.pajero.org.uk/oil-change/

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