Fiddy the Mk1 Pajero

Well, here’s a good one for you: This bloke called Stewart paid fifty quid for a Mk1 Pajero that he had to get flat-bedded home because the engine is deceased and he reckons he’s going to drive it to Greece! You’ve at least got to congratulate his optimism.

Seriously though, this sounds like an interesting project and I wish him all the best. If you want to learn more, check out his very amusing blog here: The Fiddy Pound Pajero

By the way, there’s a skip in this photo. Let’s have some comical suggestions for a photo caption please!

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  1. Hi Stew, she looks great man – Just joined this site and enjoying every minute of it – Not sure how far you got with this project, but remember, nothings dead until it’s buried!!!

    Good luck,

    Saint Paul, Antartica

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