Fitting New Dashboard Speakers

My Pajero came to me with just 2 speakers mounted in the dashboard that I assume were factory fitted by Mitsubishi. The sound was very poor so I decided to replace them as part of my upgrading of the sound system.

First of all I needed to know what size speakers I could fit, so I had to remove the covers that are built into the dash. The left one is extremely easy – just 2 screws to remove and unclick the clips holding it in place. The right hand side is only slightly trickier with more screws holding in a larger panel. Once the panels are off you just unscrew the speakers. Turns out that you can fit in 4 inch (10cm) speakers.

I bought a couple of Alpine SXE-1025S for the job. When trying to seat them in position I found that 1 of the speaker’s 4 screw mounts stopped the unit fitting flatly in place due to a rounding on the dashboard’s mounting. An easy fix was to clip of the offending screw mount from the speaker with a pair of pliers. So the speakers are only held with 3 screws but it’s still very solid.

Plugged in the cables and replaced the panels. Job’s a good ‘un and I instantly have a much better sound, albeit a bit tinny still without any bass in the back yet.

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  1. where did you buy dashboard and spekers from

  2. Hi

    do you have any idea what is the color reference # of this car ?

    Thank you

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