Fun In The Snow

Britain’s recently been in the grip of its worst snow storms for many years which has predictably resulted in total chaos! I mean, we’re only talking about a few inches, but the whole country is brought to a standstill. Thousands of schools closed and most businesses were affected in one way or another as employees supposedly couldn’t get into work. On top of that, local councils began to run out of grit (rock salt) to clear the roads, with one county buying in huge supplies of table salt!

But if you had a Pajero, things were much brighter! I had a great time. If I wasn’t power-sliding in rear wheel drive, I’d be climbing the steepest hills available in 4WD. I’ve been seriously amazed where my Pajero can go in the snow with my chunky mud tyres on. And very rarely did I need to do anything other than use standard 4WD. Hardly any need to use the low box.

One Monday lunchtime I decided to head for the hills and take my camera with me. I also phoned up my mate Andy (ukrabbiter) on the way and we met up at a high point above my town.

We took a few photos and generally messed about like kids in the snow! At one point, two small cars full of teenagers went past us and went over the brow of a hill – a very steep hill! After a while we took the same route as them only to find our way blocked.

We found both their cars crashed into each other, in a ditch. The road is very steep and had turned to ice. I got out and could hardly stand up. Anyway, after we’d taken the piss for a while we decided the decent thing to do would be to help them out.

It was deemed best if I had a go pulling them out backwards (up the hill) as I had the chunkiest tyres on. So I had a go, but the road was way too slippy for me to grip and pull at the same time. I found myself spinning around 90 degrees and slowly edging towards the cars in the ditch. Luckily for my Pajero it came to a standstill before doing any damage. At that point I was effectively stuck too as I couldn’t move until they were clear.

So we decided brute force was required and we simply pushed them out by hand. Didn’t do their side skirts much good, but they thankfully went on their way! It was then an easy job for me to straighten up and get out myself.

Here are a few snaps, including the lads inspecting the damage:

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  1. What size tyres do you have on your pajero ?
    What is the largest tyres i can fit without a lift kit?

  2. Hi Lee

    My tyres are 33×12.50 R15. Usually people go up to about 31″, maybe 32″ without a lift, but each Paj is different. You can definitely do 31″ though.

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