Herold’s Norwegian Instyle Pajero

Herold from Norway contacted us with a picture of his ‘Instyle’ Pajero plus details and also some information about his cold starting set up.

Here’s the photo and it’s a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DI-D AT “Instyle”  2012 model:

Instyle Pajero

Click image for bigger size.

Here’s what Herold had to say about cold starting problems:

In my opinion there is no other solution to this than having an engine heater fuel/electric installed combined with a electric battery charger.  My combo is Ebersprächer/DEFA and it works very well.  Diesel are more demanding to start than petrol, but I think many don’t let the glowplugs work long enough (min. 10 secs) before attempting to start the engine during winter.  Be patient and you will be rewarded so to say.

And now his description of his Pajero and the modifications he’s made:

Its a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DI-D AT “Instyle”  2012 model, which is the top model being sold here.  There is another version too, but the Instyle is what people buy.  I have trown out seatrow 2+3 and fitted a small crane for heavy duty lifting instead, so it looks like a handymans dream.  Plenty of space for cargo and two passengers in the front.  Car appears very reliable and uses no more fuel than the car it replaced, a Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2,0 GLX with automatic transmission 1998, at least not on the highway.  Problem is that it takes a long time before the interior gets warm as I suspect the motor is so efficiently burning that there is little surplus heat to heat the cabin.  I sometimes keep the Ebersprächer running along with the engine for half an hour while driving.  Love the Invecs-II.  Think I have got myself a sturdy reliable car for the next 10 to 15 years.  Had an issue with the rear door electric lock in –28C.  It wouldn’t lock  the door and there is no keyhole so I was not happy leaving the door unlocked (all other doors locked as they should.)   Tip from the carsalesman that sold me the car was to push the exterior door handle as hard as you could backwards (towards you) and that solved the issue.

An interesting story and great photo – thanks Herold!


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  1. chris purvey // December 13, 2013 at 5:19 am // Reply

    Hi Tim , I owned a 1994 NJ pajero for 15 yrs never a spot of trouble , Ive now got a 1997 NK With rough tickover & holding back & sometimes missing under load , Ive fully serviced it including timing belt .plugs & ht leads all filters , theres no smoke it just seems to lack power compared to my 3 litre , any suggestions would be appreiated chris

  2. Hi Tim, I have a 1998 2.8 turbo intercooler and il cut a very long story short lol, I was towing a horse trailer with my horse inside up a very steep hill and once got to the flat again ever since its been cutting out and a bugger to start, we have changed the fuel filter and still have same problem. Also it’s spluttering in 5th gear at speed and appears low on power at the top end, are any alarm bells ringing with you that maybe you could point me in the right direction, very frustrated at the moment, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


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