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I found some images of a brochure for my Pajero model – Bluemoon – through Japanese Google. Yes, I really am sad enough to be searching Japanese Google! Anyway, I have three images of the brochure as below.

Obviously it’s limited as to what we can deduce from these images, especially as I don’t speak Japanese, but it’s interesting to get an idea of how the original model came out of the showroom. And therefore to see how it differs from the truck I now own. Let me list the differences I can see:

  • There’s obviously not a bullbar on it which I had but have since removed
  • The original appears to have had one of those front bumper chrome tidying thingys that sits above the actual chrome bumper, which I don’t have
  • Mine now has some steel wheels but the original had Pajero alloys
  • Mine has tinted back windows as opposed to none on the original
  • The original has a rather nice metal spare wheel cover that looks colour-coded to the rest of the truck – mine’s a standard after-market cover

And that’s all I can see. Just wish I had a real copy of this brochure. And a Japanese translator.

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  1. hi, your articles and pictures are awesome… i just got hold of my bluemoon pajero a week back in india , i am absolutely in love with it.. my question to you is … where can i find the chassis number and the engine number on the vehicle … looked behind all the wheels i dont seem to find it. Help me out.

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