Kevins Mk1 Pajero

Mk1 Pajero

Kevin kindly got in touch to share with us his new (to him) Mk1 Pajero, 3 litre petrol from 1989.

He tells me it’s done 193000 miles and he paid the not too outrageous sum of £400. Sounds like a bargain to me!

He says it’s had a bottom end rebuild, but hopefully he manages to get many more miles out of the old girl.

Mk1 LWB Pajero

Mk1 LWB Pajero

Mk1 LWB Pajero

Mk1 LWB Pajero

5 Comments on Kevins Mk1 Pajero

  1. Nice Car, same colour as mine (just purchased) I have the bullbars on mine and think it’s great….good to see another

  2. Same here.. the interior takes some getting used to!
    Mine is the diesel, with bull bars, spots, light grills, with wide arches, bigger tyres, suspension lift and a winch on its way :o)

  3. excacly like mine only mines 2.5 diesel.
    had mine now nearly ten years and been exstreamly reliable. love the car but i’m thinking of getting rid because daughters just had grandaughter now whos just gone past a year old so the lap belts in the rear dont suit. shame.

    • That is a shame. I’d be tempted to ask how much you want for it but my wife might be reading 🙂

  4. daniel southcott // August 13, 2015 at 2:26 am // Reply

    Please tell me how 2 remove rear NJ speakers.94 any 1 please above dicky seats

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