Mark’s Bluemoon Pajero

Bluemoon Pajero

Pictures of this rather immaculate looking Bluemoon Pajero were sent in by Mark List who has been a proud owner since June.

It’s obviously in great condition and is almost exactly as it left the showroom in its Bluemoon limited edition style. Mark points out there are one or two things that are non-original, such as the black wing mirrors which should be chrome and the spare wheel cover which again, should be chrome with a blue middle. He’s hoping to fix those bits and make it fully original again.

Here’s what he has to say about the running of it so far:

Not had any major issues with it, just had to replace the exhaust, n/s bottom ball joint, fit new cv boots, tighten wheel bearings and fit a new engine temp sensor and full service, all of which i’ve done myself so no expensive garage bills! One of the things I love about these trucks is how easy they are to work on yourself. I’m getting between 20 and 24mpg so not that’s not too bad either.

He’s also considering a black tint for the rear windows (like mine). Whilst not original it’s definitely a big improvement in my opinion.

I love it Mark – thanks for sharing with us!

Bluemoon Pajero

Bluemoon Pajero

Bluemoon Pajero

Bluemoon Pajero

UPADTE: This has now been sold by Mark – see here: Bluemoon Gets New Owner

3 Comments on Mark’s Bluemoon Pajero

  1. Well done, nice looking car well kept, nice to see someone who takes a genuine interest in something worth looking after

  2. Ernest Koroso // November 20, 2009 at 5:50 am // Reply

    This is pristine; no bull-bar, no huge wind breakers, roof rack etc. This is simply beautiful, well done!

  3. how much you pay for pajero

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