Mate’s Pajero Going Cheap

Pajero For Sale

A friend of mine is having to sell his Pajero and I thought I’d alert everyone to a potential bargain.

The truck has an engine problem which is why he needs to get rid, but apart from that, this is one sweet Pajero. We’re talking about a Paj that has been lovingly looked after over the years and I know he’s totally gutted to be having to let it go.

But the engine problem is something that he can’t afford to have fixed so it has to go. It’s an obvious opportunity for anyone who’s handy with the spanners to buy and fix up. Alternatively it would make a fantastic donor car or one to strip down and sell off the parts.

Check it out on ebay and read his comprehensive write up: Link Dead!

Update: The truck finally sold to a man who says he’s going to try and fix it up. Glad to hear it’s not being scrapped and might live to see another day.

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  1. i m interesed please call me as i need one to make mine ok as got good moter…. colin.

  2. Hi Colin. This was sold a while ago. Thanks.

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