Mk1 Pajero – With History!

White Mk1 Pajero

Another Mk1, this time a LWB sent in by Michael, currently living in France.

Not in the best of shape this old girl, but with 255000 Kms on the clock, she’s not doing so bad!

I know of a few Pajeros with more miles on them, but not many. Just shows how long these cars can last if properly maintained. I’d love to think mine was still going after that distance.

This Pajero has also had a very interesting life. I’ll let Michael tell you in his own words:

In July 1990 I bought a Pajero tax free from Brussels and it has since been to Equatorial Guinea in West Africa all over Europe to El Salvador, Moscow, Moldova and Azerbaijan now back in France and 19 years later I still have it and it still runs well! Without doubt the best vehicle that I have ever owned. Very few problems over the years. In December it comes up for the Annual French MOT and the steering will have to be repaired. It has been such an excellent work horse that I am reluctant to scrap it particularly due to its history. How many owners have had their cars stolen by a Head of State? It happened to me when the President of Equatorial Guinea decided that he wanted my car and just offloaded it form a shipping container in 1991 I got it back. But that is another story…

Pajero Mk1 LWB

Pajero Mk1 LWB

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  1. hi i have the same truck and i agree there fantastic but im haveing trouble with it cutting out any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated

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