MOT For The Pajero

That time of year again today – the dreaded MOT!

I didn’t know of anything obviously wrong with the car apart from a very minor niggle – needed some new windscreen wiper blades. So I got a new pair yesterday. After picking my lads up from school we got to work on giving the old car a good wash. I know it’s not going to make a difference to whether it passes or not, but I always do it anyway!

And that was all the preparation work I did. Not much eh?!! Now the only thing I was worried about was those big fat tyres I fitted last September. They do stick out at the sides a tiny amount and I wouldn’t have been surprised at all to have it fail on that. It’s a common problem for people fitting bigger tyres to have to add some wheel arch extensions.

Anyway, I sat eagerly by the phone all day waiting for the call which came through at 14:30 – PASSED! It’s always a great feeling and especially when the car is 14 years old. So that’s 2 years in a row it’s sailed through. I did however receive an advisory notice this year telling me that the centre piece of the exhaust had a slight leak. Something for me to worry about next year unless it opens up before. But it’s not been a bad day!

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  1. Tim,

    It’s good to hear that your Paj passed through two years in a row without any problems. I had mine taken in today for MOT and was informed later in the morning that it has failed MOT due to excessive smooth. That failure reading was average at 3.62 and I was told that it needed to be 3 (about 17% over). The garage suggested putting a diesel additive and gave it a good run in the hope that it will clear the exhaust system of particles which the electronic testing was picking up on.

    However, was informed about an hour later that it failed again and work need to be undertaken to establish failure and they had quoted around £120 for labour alone!$$£!!!?

    Guess I’m not as lucky as you are and also it’s my first MOT. Got my baby last year….

    I’ve been reading a lot of comments & recommendations on failed MOT due to emission on the POCUK forum but getting a bit confused of what is needed to be done first e.g. do I go with the first & easiers way of attempting to reduce emission by giving my Paj a good run down the motorway before taking it in for the test etc…etc…

    Appreciate if I can have some advise please….


  2. Hi Liam

    Sorry to hear about your MOT. As you can see I’ve not got a lot of experience with emissions problems as mine keeps passing! So I’m going to suggest you take the advice of the Pocuk boys and girls as they will know better than me.

    Sorry mate, not been much help have I? 🙁

  3. hi liam u could try fitting a egr blanking plate ,removing the air filter when u take it for m.o.t.then replacing it afterwards and slacking of the throttle cable slightly so when they rev the nuts of it they dont get full throttle so less emmissions .regards les


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