MOT Time

Well it was that time of the year for me last week – the dreaded MOT test! It’s a few years since I’d had to put a car through the MOT as I’d either had a newish car that didn’t need it or had simply sold the car before needing one. As my Pajero is now 13 years old I was a little bit worried. But on the other hand she’s in great condition so I was also quietly confident she wouldn’t let me down.

Dropped her off at the garage in the morning and kept the mobile phone close to me all day. By the time it got late in the afternoon and I’d not heard anything I started to fear the worst. Eventually I phoned them myself and simply got the reply “Oh yeah, the Pajero, we must have forgotten to call you. It’s all ready for you…”.

Brilliant! Flew straight through the test and I didn’t even receive any advisories – not something I’d experienced before. So my beloved Paj continues to please and amaze me.

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