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My Mitsubishi Pajero is a 1995, 2.8TD, Short Wheel Base, Bluemoon Limited Edition. From what I’ve read there were only 500 of these ever made so she’s fairly rare. The main things this model has are a little more chrome than usual (rear light guards), special upholstery, is one colour as opposed to two-tone, rectangular headlights (LWB type), roof spoiler with brake light. I believe the paint is called Moonlight Blue which seems to be unique to this edition.

The Bluemoon also has the Pajero Winter Pack which consists of a bodylift and heated fuel filter (plus a few other bits and pieces).

It’s an unusual dark blue that can appear purpleish in certain light. There’s also a yellowish pinstripe down the side and at the bottom of each door a decal which says “Pajero Bluemoon”.

Apart from that I don’t think there’s any difference to a standard Pajero. So really it’s just a few cosmetic changes each of which you will find on many other Pajero’s in one form or another. I really do like the single colour though rather than the two-tone.

The car came to me in very good condition. It’s obviously a car that has been very well looked after. Only had 71000 kms on the clock – about 44000 miles.

Below you can see various stages of my altering of the car’s appearance, from how I bought it, to how it is now.

May 2007: This is how she was when I bought her. I never liked the huge bullbar!

May 2008: Now without the bullbar.

September 2008: New 33″ tyres added and my steel wheels painted black.

October 2008: With my new bash plate added, but obscured a little by the square number plate.

February 2009: Fun in the snow with the newer horizontal number plate.

February 2009: Same day, just another angle.

Next mod on the list – remove those side steps!

Update 2013

My Pajero is long gone I’m sorry to say, replaced by an economical, boring, family car. I miss it all the time though as it was always an event whenever I climbed in. I’ve owned many cars, but hardly any have had the character my Pajero had.

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  1. 33″ tyres thats soooooo cool even the way she looks rite now. i have the same model but not pimped up

    • is this how mine would look with a 2″ lift.thanks.

    • If you put the bigger wheels on as well.

    • 33″ tires? don’t they touch at cornering? Mine are 31″ with a 2 inch body lift to leave room for chains, i don’t use MT only AT tires and put chains on when i leave the asphalt.
      LOL and that’s snow? try 25″ snow in Romania, 2nd low gear 3000rpm with rear diff locked, u can/t see through the windshield ;))

    • No Adrian they never touch even when the suspension is being fully tested. It does have the factory standard 40mm (inch and a half) body lift though.

      Ha ha, we get a lot more snow than in those photos but we’ll never beat yours in Romania!

    • Hi can any one help me please my mitsubishi pajero 2800 1996 fuel cut off switch caught fire I’ve replaced it with a New one & now my jeep wont start I’m getting no fuel going to the injectors I’ve primed it & the switch is not clicking can any one help me pls thx luke.

  2. I have had my Pajero for 3 years and its been fantastic, we have the 7 seater, we have a bit of a problem though the wheels are a lovely silver rim with blue middle and the words King Gear, but can i find someone who stocks or can get me one ? not a chance if anyone can help that would be cool
    thanks !!!

  3. I have a swb m reg pajero with round headlights. will the square headlights from a lwb pajero fit into place on mine? cheers.

  4. Hi Richard
    Yes the square headlights off a LWB are exactly what are fitted to my SWB so they do fit. Never done the change though, so I don’t know what’s involved, but there shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Hey mate. Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

    Do u think i should find some lights from another M reg or can it be from any 90’s pajero or shogun?

  6. Should be OK from any MkII.

  7. ok thanks

  8. Andy Hutchinson // December 14, 2009 at 5:07 am // Reply

    I see the Pajero is for sale on ebay, why did you sell it?

    Like your mods.

    Is there anything I should know?

    best regards


  9. like the 33s.
    I have just taken my j-top to south has 18″ rims.
    do you know of any sites where i can get the correct tires?
    standard are 215/85/18. none available here.
    would appreciate any info on this.

  10. Just on the subject of limited editions, I’v just aquired a SWB Pajero fieldmaster, now I’v seen a few LWB Fieldmasters on ebay (they look like exceeds, 2 tone) but mine is a sort of mid blue non metallic, has Pajero logo seats, spoiler, 3 guages for boost, volts & oil temp, etc..etc, Has anybody ever come across another SWB Fieldmaster???

  11. Hi Harry
    I must say I’ve never heard of a SWB Fieldmaster – but that’s not saying much!

    • alan sanderson // July 20, 2012 at 7:17 pm //

      i have just bought same as far as i have found out these models have a winter pack which is heated fuel filter and suspension you can adjust and lots of chrome.

    • roger weeks // June 23, 2018 at 8:33 pm //

      yes i ve got a 1996 fieldmaster 2,8 td exceed swb,blue over silver all the bling bits,

  12. I almost bought a very similar SWB Fieldmaster… same mid-blue but with a silver abstract decal all down the whole of each side (the decals kind of looked like vehicle tracks across a field, if you can picture that).

    There are also two silver versions running around near where I live… silver body colour but with dark brown abstract decals.

    They also had Ralli-Art alloy wheels, I believe.

  13. Thanks Onan! Goes to show what I know doesn’t it? 🙂

  14. charles batchelor // December 30, 2009 at 9:55 pm // Reply

    hi , i have just had a problem with my pajero , its a 1996 l,w,b,2.8 tdi , it wouldnt start on tues so i had a look under the bonnet & there was diesel pooring from the base of the filter , after removing it i found that the sensor body was split from the plug to the side , a pal o mine said it was the frost , & foursons mitsubishi said they had never heard of one being replaced , have you ? B.B.

  15. Hi,m also one of the SWB PAJERO’s lover & m Manish From New Delhi , India . m driveing pajero swb 2500 , as this model is not common in india , i face lot of problems in looking for spairs.. If you please can help me out on this.
    Few months back i tuck it to highest road of world “khardung La Pass” in Ladakh , Himalayas,India at around 18800 feets above sea lavel.. it was then i felt the magic & power of PAJERO.

    Manish D.

  16. Hi Manish

    Glad you love your Pajero! I’ll bet “khardung La Pass” was fun!
    I’m afraid I only know parts suppliers in the UK. You could search Google UK for them and see if they will deliver to you I guess?

  17. I got a 92-93 Pajero i’m having problems with the clutch, I keep replacing the sealsin the master and the slave cylinder every 5 months. Who can I rectify this problem? Also could the clutch system from an Evo V1 work on my Pajero Jeep?

  18. Mark with respect….the vehicle you show is not a blue moon..Allegedly the blue monn is of Midnite blue and silver livery.hence the blue moon theory….the blue moon was allegedly exported to the UK in was acepted as a Grey Export, and it couldnt be insured in the UK under certian laws and criteia……Now some Insurance companies will insure the Imported Pajero.
    The Blue Moon Pajero is and still is a myth,the Japs created a 4×4 that was equal to no other, its was called the Shogun…and to this very day there is no other 4×4 that can equal the Mistubishi as a 4×4…….by the way the Japanese word Misubishi is in translation meaning “Three Diamonds”.The translation of the meaning in Japan of the Blue the silver represent the moon in peace and harmony and the deep midnite blue.represents the quite stillness of tranquility.
    On specs as to the Blue moon…….The Japanese never used leather upholstry, that was added after, the blue Moon as several electric seats, heated seats.full all round weather sensors, for climate control, all was electric. I noticed mark on your allegded Blue Moon you had a roof antennea, that tells me it was pre- 1993 Blue moons and all Pajeros from 1994 onwards had Retractable electic anntennea..on the left hand wing.

    I would be grateful Mark if you could contact me and discuss the rights and wrongs.of the myth of the BlueMoon.

  19. This is to Tim also Mark…..The word Shogun is that of a Warrior and monumental leader..I fighter of battles…who never surrenders.
    The word Pajero is Spanish.pronounced PA EERO….its the word of a masculin songbird.yet a very sweet sound

    Need a say more to a Shogun enthusiest

  20. This is to Tim also Mark…..The word Shogun is that of a Warrior and monumental leader..I fighter of battles…who never surrenders.
    The word Pajero is Spanish.pronounced PA EERO….its the word of a masculin songbird.yet a very sweet sound

    Need a say more to a Shogun enthusiest..Oh by the way..BlueMoons did not have chrome wing Mirrors.nor did they have painted wheels. At this point Im not saying Im right, nor wrong.I am very prepared to be proved either way

  21. the lwb headlights cannot be retro fitted to a swb with round headlights unless you cut the front pannel out and make new mountings up 🙁

  22. You car is very nice and this color is very beautiful. This Pajero looks great for me because is short wheel base…I love these cars. The pics on the snow are just fantastic.

  23. Your car is very nice and this color is very beautiful. This Pajero looks great for me because is short wheel base…I love these cars. The pics on the snow are just fantastic.

  24. hi like your swb i have a swb convertabal iam in need of one fog light lens can you help!. thanx.

    • I guess I’d be looking on eBay if I needed one, but you might need to buy the whole light rather than just the lens.

  25. please can anyone tell me where i can get windows for my j top as mine are missing

  26. john o'carroll, // September 13, 2010 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    i am the proud owner of a 1993 pajero swb japaneese import with no roof rails fitted and am finding it extremely difficult to fit a roof rack i have been told that because of the chrome strips on the roof are part of the windscreen supports i cannot fit a roof rack also these supports seem very flimsy .could anybody help?

  27. Hi Tim..
    It was great to know you have a Mitsubishi Pajero.

    I’m from Indonesia and I have one Mitsubishi Pajero J-top, is it the sparepart same with your Pajero?

    Thanks Tim, nice to know you..

    • Hi Allen
      Good to hear from you.

      The J-top is the same model as mine but simply with a convertible roof. We do have them in this country too.

  28. hi i have a problem with my indicator stay’s on when i press the key fob to open or close do you suggest any think please.

  29. sorry 1992 2.5 lwb disel

  30. Gary Cliff UK // November 25, 2010 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Hiya Guys. and Tim who seems to know everything!!
    I have just had a 1993 SWB Pajero given to me.
    Its a shed but its all sound and not been knocked about. It runs a and rolls fine.

    I’m updating and wonder whether the seats out of a 2000 LWB 4 door can be adapted to fit my 3 door SWB?
    Not including the 3rd row of course!!
    The bases look sorta the same and wonder if the seat parts (front) from the 4 door will go on the bases of the 3 door.
    Will the backs from the LWB just slot in and install the same as the SWB??

    • Hi Gary
      I don’t know much about the seats in a LWB, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t fit as they’ll be made to go the full width of the car and not take in the wheel arches like in a SWB.
      Could be totally wrong on this one though, so don’t take my word for it!

  31. ive got a 1993 pajero , and did the same 33×12.50 bf goodrich mud terrain , 10″ r15 rims and took off side steps min is a 2.5tdi with lsd rear next step is arb front bumper with winch and tube back bumber it know runs very nice un mud or sand dunes.

  32. mine didnt have original body lift it was just standard so i lifted just 1″ on the front qith torsion bars and cut the bumpers just a bit so de 33s fitted

    that is with my old general graber m/t 33×12.50

    • That looks great – well done!

      It’s going to look fantastic with the new bumpers and winch. Let us have a look when you’ve done that.

  33. just wondered where you got the bash plate from ? i have a shogun lwb and i want one for mine could you help with a contact tel or website pls reply cheers rich

  34. hello
    just looking at your pajero and its looks very well.fair play to you.
    i am currently looking to buy steel rims for my own .are yours 8 or 10 inch wide and what offset as they are exactly what i want.


  35. also i forgot to ask are your tires 12.5×15?

  36. Hi Tim, it’s Cath again, I want to buy paint for my bluemoon. Help what is the code and colour I need, I bought the bluemoon after and had to scrapped the other paj, which I was sad to see her go, but now I have the blumoon, hope you can help me, I bought a book on Pajeros which i thought was a bluemoon book but it’s not, so i’m back where I started clueless what all the buttons are for if you have any tips for me I will purchase any books or anything you have for sale from your bluemoon I will be most grateful. Thanks Cath

  37. Tim – I’m presently in the process of sourcing a 2.8 SWB 1994 Pajero. Could you please confirm the process required to fit the 33×12.5 tyres to ensure they comply with MOT and do not rub on arches/effect steering etc. Have you noticed a marked reduction in MPG with these tyres? PS your Paj looks the business – one of the nicest combo of colour and mods ive seen on the net.

    • Hi Pat. First you need a lift of some kind. If you can find a Pajero with the Winter Pack fitted, these will often have a factory fitted inch and a half body lift like mine, which is enough. Otherwise you’ll need to lift it using a spacer kit – usually 2 inch.
      To get around the MOT all you need to do is make sure the wheels you use have an offset that doesn’t make them stick out too much when they have the tyres on.
      I’ve never been one for checking MPG so I couldn’t honestly say. They definitely reduce your speed a little bit though.

  38. How do you tell if the winter pack is fitted? I imagine most sellers prob will not know, unless they have a real interest in their 4×4 etc. Is there any definate way to tell – i.e set dimension from ground to underside of fender moulding etc? Thanks anyways for the info Tim

    • Well, even if it has the Winter Pack, it won’t always have the lift – to complicate things further! So to make things easier, if you see a Paj you like, go and have a look and you then need to have a look in the back wheel arch. If it’s been lifted you’ll be able to see a gap between the chassis and the body above it. That’s the only real way to tell for sure.

    • As Tim says you need a lift to fit 33×12.50s but I fitted 33×10.50s to my 1993 SWB without a lift – just wound the torsion bars up to max and they tucked into the arches without rubbing, although it was pretty close. The offset of the wheels would have to be just right – mine were off a later model Shogun/Pajero so dunno if they were any different to standard. Some folk reckon that winding the torsion bars to max can have a detrimental effect, and the theory would suggest so but I never found any problems in practice and I used mine pretty vigorously off-road (but gently on road).

  39. can any one help I am looking for a body for my pajero if you can help, please look at youtube pajero stuck.mp4 this the finish i would be looking for but cant find bumper or wider arches anywhere
    thanks jim

  40. I HAVe a94 pajero (4 doors),i am looking for a non-heated head fuel filter and a bull bar chrome(with sport lights)for my suv .IF YES,SENd me apicture before i order it.Thank you.

  41. I have pajero mini 2002 model; I am unable to find out that which transmission oil should be used. Can any body help me??

  42. My pajero is running fine I have a 2.5 diesel I want to improve the performance am thinkin of have my diesel pump overalled would this be a good way to improve it’s performance and fuel thank’s.

  43. hi tim

    I have recently put 33×12.2r15 on my pajero. is it quite normal for them to make a humming or grinding sound?? It doesnt do that when i put standard 265s??

    Many thanks

    • Hi Hayden

      The humming noise is perfectly normal when you put on mud tyres. You need to make sure they’re not catching your wheel arches though.

  44. i checked and the wheel arches are all clear, and howabt the grinding sound, i can feel the vibration under thw body and the noise get very lound on the motorway driving at 100km/hr.

    this is the first time I have put on the mud tyres so all the information and help would be appreciated =)

  45. Hey!
    I’ve the same colour swb paj, mine isn’t a bluemoon, it is higher from factory though, just as a 3.0.. Just without the chrome! (with all the toys, luckily no ABS too!) I was wondering, what size and offset are your steel D modulars? And the original tyres? That’s exactly what I’m after!!!
    Thanks in advance

  46. I am going to be a new Pajero owner/ Getting the 2013 GLS 3.5 LWB M/L from UAE. But , but i have an issue, this car doesnt have the Mitsubishi Emblem in the front. Any ideas why so?

  47. Hi Tim, I have a mk2 pajero 2.8TD lwb and have fit 33×12.5×15 tyres on a 10×15″ steel rim with a offset -32mm. It seems to be alright on my pajero but it is sticking out from the arc fender by nearly 2inches out. Is it legal to drive on uk roads.

  48. Hi Tim, I have just purchased this exact pajero tonight and still looks as when you owned it, really does drive well let’s hope we get some snow this year eh lol

    • Hi Dave, that’s great to know. Glad the old girl is still going strong – I miss her and wish she was still mine! Hope you have fun. Yeah snow would be good!

  49. Hi tim i now own this exact jeep she’s still in tip top condition and is now for sale if you want her back lol

  50. hello guys
    somebody help me plz,wich kind of plugs can i use for pajero GDI?

  51. hello… is it necessary to have a lift if you want to fit 33’s? I want to have bigger tires with 15″ ralliart 5spoke rims and stock suspension.

  52. Hi tim! I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero Junior ZR-II (automatic) i think then it has then left right up and down button, what is it for??? Thank you!

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