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Pajero Horn SwitchBearing in mind I’ve had my Pajero for just over six months now, I’ve finally solved the mystery of what a certain switch does. No, it’s not a standard factory-fitted switch that operates one of the many gadgets Mitsubishi fitted, but a little plastic toggle switch that someone fitted after the truck had left the factory.

I’d played with this switch many times over the months but couldn’t for the life of me work out what it did. I had come to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn’t working any more. I’d had it in mind to trace the wires at some point – not necessarily an easy job.

Anyway, yesterday I worked it out by mistake rather than good judgement. It’s to do with the horn, or should I say horns! I did know that my Pajero had two horns fitted – what I presume to be the factory-fitted one and a newer version. Whenever I hit the horn I got a kind of long air-horn type noise, which I’m pretty sure is the one that someone fitted later. It sounds crap to be honest and it’s on my long list of stuff to sort out in the sunnier months.

So yesterday I used the horn as yet another poor driver pulled out in front of me at a mini-roundabout. But what was that noise? Sounded like a regular horn! What happened to my weird horn?

Then it clicked in my mind. I had read somewhere that it was legal to have an air-horn installed only if it can be switched back to a regular horn. [I presume the regular horn must be used on public roads and the air-horn can only be used on private property or something?] Sure enough, I flicked the mystery switch and it went back to the air-horn beep.

Mystery solved.

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  1. thanks for that mate been wondering what that switch does for 3 years

  2. Thanks for the info its took me forever to find someone who knew. Like yourself i had had a play with it but nothing seemed to work.

  3. Glad I could help, it did my head in for ages!

  4. thanks for that have been wondering what that swtich is for was frightened to touch it

  5. No problem Peri.

  6. hi my P.J.1993 L REG 2.8TDI i need trun off the motor to the aireal it dontWORK.. {go up and down} it just makes the sound of it working PLZ help i have a new one one roof….

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