New Stereo Fitted

Kenwood Car Stereo

In my continuing quest for musical perfection (on a modest budget) I’ve now replaced the old unit that was in the car with a rather nice Kenwood KDC-W6537U. I actually bought it at Christmas and have only just gotten round to fitting it.

It’s not an expensive unit at all but does all the things I want with the power I want. Namely a cd player, can play from a USB device and has plenty of control over the outputs. Oh and two preouts as I want to add a subwoofer and may add another amp in the future. All for £99 and looking online now you can pick them up for £79. Car stereos really have come down in price over the years.

Fitting was very easy really. The power and earth cables plus the aerial lead were already there from the previous stereo fitting. OK, it wasn’t a straight plug into the harness as that didn’t exist any more, so a bit of cutting and crimping was needed to make solid connections. I’d also upgraded the speaker cabling when I added new speakers, so these were crimped and solidly connected to the new unit. Piece of cake.

I like the new unit. Sound is now much crisper and I have much more control over the different ranges and what gets sent to which speaker. I can also play a variety of files types and adding a USB stick means a great deal of albums can be accessed at the same time. I’m finding it a bit fiddly to use whilst driving though so hopefully that will improve with practice. The positioning of the stereo slot in the Pajero is too low in my opinion. Should go where the air-con controls go.

All I need to do now is buy myself a bass box to go in the boot to add the much needed bass which will round off the sound range. I’ll let you know about this when I’ve got it!

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