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Finally got myself round to buying some mud tyres for the Pajero. Could have done it months ago, but I’ve always wanted 33 inch tyres and you can’t make these fit a standard Paj. The question is, how much modification do you need to do to make them fit?

Well a typical rule of thumb to be totally safe is to have a 2 inch body lift and a 2 inch suspension lift. But I know that some people have managed to get away with just the body lift to make them fit. My Pajero has what’s known as the Winter Pack, which amongst other things means it’s got a body lift of 40mm (about 1 1/2″).

Recently someone I know bought 33’s for his truck and he has the same Winter Pack as me with no other mods. He reported no problems and this finally pushed me to get 33’s myself. I figured that the worst that could happen is that they rubbed a little and then I’d get the suspension lift I’ve been promising myself anyway.

So, they arrived and I set out to the tyre fitters feeling reasonably confident. They stuck them on and I drove home with no problems. Sitting outside my house I twiddled the steering from side to side and found that the front tyres just fractionally touched the mud flaps. So I removed the flaps and now have no rubbing at all.

Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t have any rubbing when I get off-road. When I get twisting and flexing we’ll see if there’s any rubbing going on and to be honest I suspect there may be. But as I say, I want a suspension lift anyway, so that will just kick me up the arse a bit to get that done.

So here they are:

Pajero Tyres

Note that the rear wheel in this pic is depressed a fair bit due to where I’m parked. And here’s a close up of the front wheel when parked on a bank. This shows how close they get to the arches:

Maxxis Buckshot Mudders

These tyres are Maxxis Buckshot Mudders, size 33 x 12.50 x R15. My wheels are 10″ wide steel modulars. I bought the tyres from an internet company.

Originally I’d been going to get some Kumho KL71’s as they get very good reviews. But simply couldn’t find any in stock anywhere. Seems that at the time of writing there’s just a shortage of them. So after looking at alternatives I came up with these and I have to say I’m pleased I did. They seem like a good mud tyre that performs well enough on the road too. And call me a tart, but I love the white lettering – something the Kumhos don’t have. Also, they’re cheaper than the Kumhos.

On the road the first thing you notice is being slightly taller. I reckon I’ve risen about 2″ from the old tyres which only measured about 29″. Of course that’s an extra 2″ of clearance underneath. They also make a bit of a humming noise, but that’s to be expected and not a big deal. Also immediately noticed that climbing hills isn’t as fast. I believe this is to do with gear ratios or something (?!) as I now have a larger circumference wheel. As a result of the larger size I’ve also found that my previously accurate speedo is now showing 2mph slower than it should – checked with my sat-nav.

I’ve also been painting my wheels in preparation for the new tyres. I really fancied going from silver to black with the wheels, so headed to Halfords and picked up spray tins of de-greaser, primer, black and laquer.

First of all I went over the wheels with a drill and paint removing attachment. This mainly got rid of any rust blemishes (not many) and also roughened up the wheel so the paint would take nicely. Then I went through the de-greasing, priming, painting and laquer process as described on the tins.

Wasn’t too sure how they would turn out but I have to say I’m extremely pleased with the results. Totally change the look of the truck too and in exactly the right way for me.

So overall I’m well chuffed with how this has turned out. Love the tyres and the wheels! All I need to do now is find myself some mud to test them out.

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  1. hi, where did you buy the tyres from.?

  2. Hi Ade. – quickly delivered, the cheapest I could find, no problems. I’d always recommend shopping around though as web prices vary a lot.

  3. hi what offset are the wheels please

  4. Hmmm, can’t remember what the offset is off the top of my head. I’d say it’s fairly centred though as you might be able to see from the pics.
    Good question though as they could make a big difference to getting any rubbing.

  5. thanks tim i spoke to jcs 4×4 and he says the correct offset is -32 on a 10/15 inch rim does this sound about right to you

    ps your motor looks great

  6. hi mine has no winter pack will i be able to fit 33×12.50 by fitting lwb rear springs and adjusting front torsion bars

    • Yes you could do it that way or alternatively buy a body lift kit and fit that. It’s just a series of spacers that lifts the body slightly higher off the chassis which is effectively what mine has.

  7. i want to avoid a body lift as it leaves a gap between the body an bumper unless fitted as standard like yours

    • Yes you’re right. It can be sorted with some altering of the bumper brackets but it’s a pain.

  8. thanks tim

    did you say you can replace round headlamps with the square ones

    • It can definitely be done, but I think someone on here was saying recently that there’s some cutting involved to make them fit. So I don’t know exactly what needs doing.

  9. cheers tim

    hope to get the wheels and suspension done as soon as i get it back from the electrician had trouble with glow plug relays

  10. Hey Tim,

    How you finding the gearing with the larger tyres? Made much difference to the acceleration etc?


  11. Hi Joe

    Yes that’s the downside of this tyre size for me. Pajeros aren’t the fastest of vehicles anyway, but these tyres definitely make it slower in both acceleration and top speed.

    Having said that, you don’t buy a Paj for speed!

    One other thing to mention is that it also alters the speedo reading, so you really need to check your speed using a sat-nav before adjusting the speedo reading in your head.

    Still love the tyres though!

    • Yeh, I drove a 2.8 at the weekend, and it struggled to get to 60! This was with standard wheels and tyres. I walked away from the deal, as it wasn’t right. I intend on getting the same tyres for mine (when I get one that is).

      I am looking at 2 Bluemoons now, and would really like to get one of these. They still demand a little premium, which I don’t really like lol! Best colour in my mind though, even better with the coded wheel arches, plus you get the little extras of the elusive “winter pack”. I hope all the bluemoons have the body lift, as I should be able to just bolt the new wheels in, and then suffer with the speed.

      By the way, thanks for the quick reply! Stuff sometimes gets a bit lost on POCUK!

    • That 2.8 definitely wasn’t right. Should be able to push 80 even with the bigger tyres. I’ve known 2.5s do 90!

      If they’re genuine Bluemoons then they will have the Winter Pack and any Paj with the Winter Pack has a body lift, otherwise it ain’t a Winter Pack!

      Yeah, busy site is Pocuk, but I still learn a lot there.

  12. No it wasn’t. Oil literally dropping out of it, OD wasn’t working correctly, kickdown not working, looked like oil coming out of the intercooler so possibly a shot turbo. I was rather annoyed, as I had been promised it was in perfect condition and travelled 2 hours to pick it up. I guess I only wasted diesel, and not a significant amount of a lemon Pajero.

    Good to hear that all Bluemoons have the Winter Pack, thus also the body lift. I am waiting for pictures of the second one I am viewing, as I do not like the garage’s attitude selling the first one, and it is missing the long gold stripe under the windows. Also the milage is a little high (150,000) and it has the mph converter, not the face stuck over, so possibly a good deal of those “miles” are indeed miles. Interior does luck clean though and the steering wheel is not worn. Another selling point for me regarding the Bluemoon is the different interior, much better than the standard affair.

    How do you find the tyre roar with the Maxxis? Bearable? I will be doing some 300ish mile trips to Scotland towing, what do you think? (Turning the stereo does work, I guess)


    • There’s a lot of crap for sale, that’s for sure.

      The tyres create more of a whirr than a roar and never bothered me at all. Certainly no vibration and you can only hear them with the windows down.

  13. There is indeed!

    Thanks for your help Tim! I will send you some pic’s of mine (hopefully)

  14. see lots of people saying that the factory body lift is part of the winter pack, it is NOT, the 2.8 and 3.0 v6 had a 40mm factory lift due to the fact they had a bigger transmission than the 2.5, so winter pack wont mean 40mm lift all the time

    • I take your point about the winter pack and I’m not going to disagree with you as the winter pack is a notorious minefield of arguments! I do know that all Bluemoon Pajeros have the lift and the winter pack though. It’s in the original brochure.

      Not sure about your point with all 2.8s and 3.0s having the lift though. I’ll have to ask around about that one.

  15. hi ive got a 2.5 pajero standart. last week y got som 33×12.50 tires with 10″ rims y just fited in the tires , then y just lifted the whole car about 1″ with the torsion bars and made some cuts in the bumpers and it runs perfectly , it increased the economy of the car , before y runed at 100km/h about 65 miles at 3000 rpm know y do the same but at 2800 rpm and my topspeed was 160 km/h at 4300rpm thats about 100 miles

  16. Gili Hacohen // February 21, 2012 at 9:15 am // Reply

    Hi There,
    I was looking for a lift kit for my 2000 Mitsubishi Pajero (3 door, 3000 Petrol).
    The only kits I could find were shocks and springs.

    Do you know of any kit which includes A Arms and Radius rods for lift of more than 2″?

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Gili Hacohen


  17. Hey Guys,
    I have a 93 SWB 2.5L Turbo Diesel, which revs so hard at highway speed… I’m talking 100kms/h, which is roughly 60m/h and is screaming at 3,000rpm. I want to fit 33’s to my Shorty to reduce highway engine speed and hopefully improve fuel economy. I think my Paj has fairly big wheels already, like 31 inch, so do you know if fitting 33’s is possible, or will i need to lift the body slightly. Has anyone also seen any problems with clearing brake calipers and scrubbing etc.

    Thanks heaps,

  18. hi tim

    I have put 33×12.5r15s mud tyres on my pajero and noticed it gives a lotta humming/grinding sound.Is it normal for mudtyres as when i put the standard 265s it doesnt??

    • Hi Hayden

      It is normal to get more of a humming/rumbling noise with mud tyres. Just also make sure they’re not catching on your wheel arches when you lock the wheels over. Shouldn’t be an issue if your truck is jacked up a little.

  19. hi have a2.8″auto swb 3 dr need roof bars /rack where do I get them n how do I fix them help

  20. Daniel Degaetano // May 3, 2018 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    Sorry I’m a bit late hah ! ,could you please tell me about fuel consumption variations with those wheels or if you still remember? You know these machines are already a bit fuel thirsty and I was planning on getting 33’s or 32’s but since it’s gonna be my daily I don’t want to spend way to much on fuel since my country sells it mad expensive..

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