Off-roading – Solomon Islands Style

Matt’s been in contact again and wanted to let us know about a recent day out in his Pajero. This is what he had to say:

“It had been raining for about two months straight and some of the roads were about a foot and a half deep with mud.

Heaps of fun!!!! Hit a lot of them hard trying to get as dirty as possible but then we would do a river crossing and clean it all off.

All up it was around 140kms of hard mud driving and it was only when we were close to home I noticed the temp going up a bit. Fearing the worst I nursed it home.

Checked it out and there were not any cooling system leaks. Put it down as a job for the next day as a nice cold SolBrew was calling.

Next morning I thought I would pull the radiator out and give it a good flush as I hadn’t done any cooling system maintenance since I bought the car. As you can see by the photo’s, the cause of the over-heating was excess mud blocking the cooling vanes of the radiator. Cleaned everything up, gave it a good flush, filled her up with some good coolant, and she is running like a dream!”

Sounds like a great day out and I reckon 140kms works out at 87 miles, so that’s a fair trek in the mud! Not surprised the radiator was gunked up after all that. And it proves what I’m often told “Always clean the radiator thoroughly when you’ve been playing in the mud“.

And here are some excellent photos of Matt’s day out:

Green Lane

That’s what you call a green lane.

Pajero Side View

Matt's Daily View

Cooper Tyres

These must be the new Cooper tyres.

Depth Checking

What a beautiful place.

Depth Checking

Matt checking the depth before crossing.

Muddy Pajero

A Pajero looking as it should.


Local in boat

More traditional local transport.

Muddy Pajero Radiator

And this is what happens when you play in the mud too long.

Thanks again Matt for sharing these photos and story with us. Brilliant to see how these wonderful trucks are put to use around the world. And on a misty March day in England, I’m not remotely jealous!

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