Pajero Fuel Filter Change

Pajero Fuel Filter

This is one part of the servicing I’ve been putting off for a while. It just looked a little complicated to me and when you start playing about with fuel lines and things it worries a relative newbie with the spanners. Anyway, it had to be done and I was determined to do it myself, so here’s the write-up with some pictures.

As usual with the Pajero there are several theories on how often the fuel filter should be replaced. These include: Every 12 months, every 40000 miles, only when you think it might be causing a problem. At this point for me I don’t when the fuel filter was last changed (if ever) so I need to do it now for peace of mind. Then I can decide how often to do it in the future at a later point.

The first thing you have to do when performing a Pajero fuel filter change is to find the bloody thing! Here’s a photo of where the fuel filter is located on my 2.8 before I remove anything:

Pajero Fuel Filter

As will become obvious in this write-up you need much more access than is available at this point. You at least have to take off the intercooler (big silver/black thing to left) and those who have two batteries as I do often talk about removing the battery nearest to the filter as well. I managed just fine with only removing the intercooler. If you don’t know how to do this, have a look here first: Removing the Pajero Intercooler

Once the intercooler is out of the way we can see a much better view of the fuel filter which is arrowed below.

Pajero Fuel Filter in position

Right, now we can see the thing we need to remove the 2 fuel pipes. These are pretty obvious to see, coming off the front of the fuel filter unit. In theory you can do this with a screwdriver but I found it easier with a socket. Once removed there will be a little diesel leakage from the pipes but not much when I did mine. Note: you might wish to label these pipes before you remove them so you know which goes where when refitting.

Now it gets fiddly. Have a look down the back of the fuel filter housing and you should see the 2 bolts that hold it all in place. A socket extension was called for here – remove the 2 bolts.

Pull the whole fuel filter unit away from the bulkhead carefully and you’ll see that it is attached to 2 electrical clips. Undo these and try not to get diesel into them as I’m reliably informed this can damage the seals inside. You should now be able to take the whole fuel filter unit away from the vehicle, watching out for the diesel spilling out.

Ideally you have a vice available at this point. Otherwise you’ll have to improvise. Keep the unit upright and place the plastic water sensor (right at the bottom) very gently in the grips of the vice – just enough to get a hold of it (see photo below). Twist the filter and housing anti-clockwise to loosen, but not remove the plastic water sensor.

Pajero Fuel Filter in Vice

Now open up the jaws of the vice and grip it tightly around the body of the fuel filter itself (not the top housing). Twist the top housing anti-clockwise to remove the fuel filter. Drain any diesel from the fuel filter now. Then unscrew the plastic water sensor all the way out so it’s removed.

Here’s a photo of the whole thing taken apart. Left to right: New Mitsubishi fuel filter, old fuel filter, fuel filter housing. Bottom: Water sensor. Also notice on the water sensor the arrowed o-ring. In the box of the Mitsubishi fuel filter that I bought there was a new o-ring to go here which I obviously replaced. Not sure if this is the case on an after market fuel filter?

Pajero Fuel Filter Parts

Let’s put it all back together!

Put the new o-ring onto the water sensor and then screw this into the new fuel filter. I couldn’t find out how tight this is supposed to be really, so I did it as tight as I could with my fingers and then gave it a final nip in the vice.

Now open up the vice and hold the fuel filter itself in place and screw on the filter housing. Again there’s no real test of how tight, it’s a guess really.

Right, now we’re ready to go back to the truck with it. Hold the unit roughly where it’s going to sit and put back the two cable clips you removed before taking it out. Then put back the 2 bolts at the back and tighten them up.

Now we need to put the fuel pipes back onto the front of the housing. Mine had these old clip things that I tried tightening but after a certain point they just seemed to spin. I really wasn’t confident about them so I replaced them with some small jubilee clips. My local motor factors had them labelled up specifically as fuel line clips.

At this point we’re almost done, but the fuel filter needs ‘bleeding’ to pull through the diesel and and fill the unit with fuel, therefore removing any air. The manual I followed showed a fuel filter housing with a different pump and air plug arrangement to mine, so I can only describe how mine looks and works. Yours might be different, but the principle’s the same.

I’ve shown a close up of the top of my filter housing below to show the relevant parts. Unscrew the white disc on the left which is the pump. Now undo the bleed screw (a few turns) which is the big nut in the centre. Work the pump until until fuel without bubbles comes out of the bleed screw. Now tighten the bleed screw and pump again until resistance is felt. Now tighten up the pumping disc.

Pajero Fuel Filter Housing

Have a final check to make sure everything you took off is back in place securely, then put the intercooler back on. Now fire her up and off you go.

All in all a job that I needn’t have been worried about at all that could be done from start to finish in about half an hour with a little experience.

I’d love feedback on this post. What do you think about what I’ve written? Any tips on how to do it better/more efficiently. Anything you think I’m doing wrong? Please let me know in the comments box below.

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  1. this information is priceless, ive just bought a pajero and like yourself dont know when the fuel filter was last changed, so rather than pay a garage to do this simple task, im going to do it myself, so thankyou very much for sharing this information with us other owners.

    • just done my fuel fillter on 2.5 lwb the way that u said took about 1 hour now i know how to do next time 1/2 thanks fillter cost £10

  2. Hi Tam – thanks for your comment and kind words. Makes it all worth while. Good luck with your new Pajero.

  3. Thanks for that, I too have just bought a Pajero and unfortunatly it wouldn’t pull the skin of the preverbial rice pudding, I have put this down to fuel starvation, therefore the filter is the first thing to go, hopefully that will do the trick, also I have a poor cold start problem, I’ll try new glow plugs and modify the buss bar ie make a new one, if that doesn’t do the trick I’ll wire in a pre heat button, save any mucking around, all this will have to wait until I get back from offshore off course, can’t wait to get back to it.

  4. Hi John – thanks for the comment.
    It’ll be interesting to know if a new filter does the trick. Must be pretty dirty if it does. Perhaps check the fuel lines as well for muck?
    I’d also be interested to hear how you get on with the glow plugs/cold start situation. As the cold weather approaches mine’s getting a little harder to start in the morning so I might need to look into this.

  5. john macleod // October 6, 2007 at 7:58 am // Reply

    Just an update on the fuel filter change, You should have seen the sludge that was in the filter, dirty brown sludge, it’s a wonder it was going at all, little wonder it was guttless, it’s gone from a maximum speed of 60mph with your foot to the boards to 85mph with ease, I realise the’re not built for speed but one must be able to overtake safely, so again thanks for your tips on removing the filter.
    As for the poor starting, while I had the intercooler out of the way I took advantage of the free work space and removed the buss bar and glow plugs, the bar was perfect, not so for the plugs though, they were totaly burned out, not a very well maintaned vehicle at all.
    A few niggley things to sort out now, My insurance company will not cover me for theft until I fit an immoboliser, any suggestions on a fairly easy one to fit anyone?
    also the lights on the consul for the driving wheels indicator are not all illuminating, does anyone know if this is a sensor fault or simply bulbs?

  6. Hi John, thanks for the interesting update.
    Bet you’re glad that you changed the filter then! Just shows what a little servicing can do. Must say mine was pretty clean when I removed it, but the rest of the car’s in great condition too. Obviously new glow plugs were badly needed too.
    Yeah, my truck had an immobiliser on when I bought it, so I was lucky. I’ve heard there are good alarm/immobilisers to be had on ebay for about £80 – self fit.
    The lights for the wheels are a very common problem. Should be just replacement bulbs needed. One of mine doesn’t work so I’ll be sorting it soon and will write a post about it. I hear it’s an easy job.

  7. Thanks this made the whole thing effotless

  8. Hi Jay – glad it helped.

  9. Thanks for the information you provided. It has been very helpful and provided me with the confidence to undertake a task I would not normaly risk, especially in a field in the middle of Spain !!!!!!!!!

  10. Great stuff Andy, hope it works out OK for you. Hope the weather’s better there than it is here right now.

  11. Thanks for this – it’s just the sort of site I need. I need to do an oil and fuel filter change tomorrow, so I’ll be following your lead.

  12. Thanks for that Pete – hope it goes well for you (piece of cake!). I’m going to have to do a write up of an oil change next time I do one as well.

  13. Good photos and writing. A tip worth noting, before bleeding the fuel filter, fill it with clean diesel, less pumping after refit so remove air. A worthwhile investment is a filer wrench, I like the nylon strap kind as I use it for tightening and untightening other things that I don´t want to leave marks on. I was also told by a mechanic friend of mine that when he changes fuel filters and they were very dirty, he actually fills the fuel filter with an injector cleaner (Wynns or Wurth I think) to clean the injectors and lines, the engine smokes for a short while, but a run at operating temp soon clears this and reduces emissions for the all important MOT test. As for how tight, hand tight + about half a turn but not too tight. All in all a great site.

  14. Hi Adam – thanks for posting.
    Excellent tips, especially filling up the filter before refitting – I’ll be doing that next time. Also interesting to hear about your mechanic mate’s tip for injector cleaner. Luckily for me every filter I remove on this Paj seems to be well clean, but I’ll bear it in mind in the future.
    Glad you like the site – lots more work to do on it yet.

  15. I found on my pajero, 2.8 D . If you remove the battery it saves a lot of time removing the intercooler. Please can someone tell me if there is a second filter around the fuel tank i am having problems with mine pajero. Thank you. pete london

  16. Hi Pete. Yes there is another filter on the pick up pipe in the tank. Not sure how you get to it though as I’ve never done it.

  17. Thanks…great help for me…my pajero is just like yours and the pictures are wonderful…really appreciate your efforts to share with the rest of us – like you say – took me ages to find the thing – and its evident no-one has changed it

  18. Hi Ingrid.
    Many thanks for your kind comments. They kind of make this site worthwhile to me!

  19. We have had a 1996 2.8 in the family for ten years.
    Since the death of my brother it now resides with me in France.
    Very encouraging to find the enthusiasm shown by all the correspondants. I certainlly appreciate the helpfull hints and expertise sharing.
    I suspect like most newcomers we only hook up when we have a problem to share.
    My propblem not reading ###enese very well concerns a warning light between the handbrake and seat belt indications. This light has an ABS and circles imprime and was first noted when the autospeed control wouldn’t engage. It now comes on after driving for a few miles/kilometres and stays on until a delay and the next restart.
    Can anyone help as assistance from Mitsubishi is difficult in France.
    Thank you to all once again for such an an interesting site and hope that I can contribute in future rather than just pose a problem.

  20. Thanks for all the photos and information, changed the filter without any problems.The filter on my 2.8 had a pump on top which needed to be pressed quite a few times to fill it full of diesel and then started first time.
    I found it easier to remove both the intercooler and battery for maximum access as this was the first time i have changed a fuel filter, come to think about it this is the first diesel i have owned. Many thanks

  21. Hi Andy. Glad this helped.

  22. I like what you have done mate looks good…

    Keep it up shows a lot of people how to do it with out pay someone a lot of money to do it for you, and it around a £5.00 for a filter it is a cheap way as well.

    When we do our we just take the battery out next to it and use a oil filter removal tool save taking it all out…

    keep it up

  23. If people want to change the filter in the tank it is not hard at all.

    Fold the back seat up and lift the carpet up and you will see a plate with some 12 mm bolts. Undo them and lift the plate.

    You will see the 10mm bolt in the top of the tank undo them then remove the two pipes but make sure you do not put them back on the wrong way.
    now the hard bit lift the plate up but don’t break the rubber seal. As you will need a new one if you do. as you lift the plate off you will see the little filter on the end of the pipe, replace it or just clean it with washing up or any other cleaner (wash out all cleaners and let it dry right through) then put back on. then put it all back together.

    30 min max.

  24. Cheers John, I’m sure that will help a few people out there. I might just try that tank filter change myself now!

  25. Fantastic post, as a complete newbie to pajero managed to change filter with no real problems, had no vice so took bit time. Appreciate post.

  26. Glad it helped you James and thanks for the feedback 🙂

  27. Good Man !!

    I put my old girl in for servicing recently and i am sure the fuel filter aint been changed, now I can do it myself !!

    Cheers kiddo.


  28. Go for it Graham, could make a big difference to the running of your car if it’s not been done for a while.

  29. Excellent advice. I changed the filter prior to seeing this advice and I didn’t bleed the filter. it runs alright. Should I replace the filter as I am told it could be damaged. Could the pump be damaged now. Regards

  30. Hi Richard.
    Not sure how the filter could be damaged from not bleeding it, but I’m no expert! Don’t know about the pump being damaged either, so I’m not much help really am I? I’d ask on one of the Pajero forums for some more educated advice. I’d be interested to know if you find out.

  31. Derek Corby // July 19, 2009 at 12:43 pm // Reply

    Done mine yesterday, exellent write up Tim, by taking it off it gives you a chance to clean and check the whole thing, Nice one mate, Never done a deisel before, was a bit worried about bleeding the system, But not anymore! regards Derek

  32. Glad it helped Derek. Doing mine again next week, weather permitting.

  33. hi i have the 2.5 exceed that has run out can that little pump on the fuel filter bring the fuel back or can turning the engine bring the fuel back to filter or do you think takeing the it off and re filling it will do can you let me no thank aaron

  34. cheers tim just done fuel filter on my very loved pajero 2.8td great advice runs like new again,,,thanks…robbie

  35. after doin filter loved pajero runs great again..loads of power…respect tim..fantastic easy to follow instructions..will do mine regular now.cheers again,,tim..

  36. Hi what a Gent you are Fuel /Oil /Air Filtres Oil Change Rad Flushed ALL DONE in a DAY!! Many Thanks for YOUR HELP! Sit down and have a nice cuppa Cheers Tim

  37. Well done Gary!

  38. excuse my ignorance, but how exactly do you ‘work’ the pump?

  39. Hi Zoe
    Simply push it in and out.

  40. oh great, thanks. i wasn’t sure if i needed to start up the car or what. i’m pretty new to all this. great post.

  41. could you tell me if the pump that forces the air out should have a small o ring in it please????

  42. Can’t remember Sean as it’s been a while since I’ve done it. Try asking here:

  43. ok cheers mate

  44. problem de recodement d’inter cooler entré et sorti merci.

  45. Je ne parle pas Français – je Suis Désolé.

  46. Well Done Tim, Great piece of work ! I have a question if anyone can help ?

    My fuel filter was clogged and causing low power when under load. Changed the fuel filter (engine side) and air filter and also put in the injector cleaner. Now it runs like a dream apart from starting ! Before I did the work there wasn’t a problem starting now it’s very lumpy and kicks out a lot of black smoke. The exhaust pipe is really sooty too when 1st started. The glow worms were changed about 10 months ago

    Thanks in advance for any help


  47. Hi Adam

    I suppose based on you having a clogged fuel system and the fact you’ve just changed the filter, there might still be a problem with the fuel system. Maybe changing the filter shifted the problem if you know what I mean.

    I’d have a check over the fuel filter first and make sure it’s not got any air in and then check the rest of the fuel system. You know there’s also a filter in the fuel tank?

    Just a process of elimination I guess. Good luck with it.

  48. Thanks Tim

    Yes I located the filter in the back of the Truck under the seats but can’t get the screws out. Think this is a good indication it’s never been touched ! I’ll give it a proper go at the weekend. Tested my glow plugs and had one that had shorted out so replaced. It’s a little better but not great. I have a hunch that the o’ring on the filter could be dodgy or could have been fitted incorrectly. Getting it checked out again tomorrow

    I’ll keep you posted.


  49. Hi Adam
    Interesting about the glow plug as it had new ones not long ago. Hmmmm…..
    Good luck with the tank filter, probably worth doing anyway. Did you get a new O ring with your new filter? I know the Mitsubishi ones come with a new one. Sounds feasible that it’s not on right, easy to over or under tighten.
    Let us know how you get on.

  50. i have had my pajero for a year now, and i’ve had it serviced 3 times this year. my car runs really well for about a month but after that when i start it up it stalls a couple of times and feels like it loses power until it warms up. i’ve narrowed it down to a fuel problem, maybe the fuel filter. is this a common problem? and do you know what i can do about it? instead of changing the fuel filter once a month.


  51. Hi Lee
    If you’re sure it’s a fuel problem and you’ve had the main fuel filter changed, have you also done the filter that’s near the fuel tank? Have a look in the comments above where someone describes how to do this.
    Good luck.

    • Hi Tim are there anymore fuel filters beside the one in the tank and the main one you mention one near the tank i to am losing power at 2500 revs it just cuts out and then powers up again I have changed the main filter and going to do the one in the tank tomorrow any guidance as to any other filters would be helpful

    • No John, just those two. Good luck.

    • Hi Tim

      My 2.8 1994 diesel pajero cut out on me and I had to be recovered. I have been told it was a fuel problem, I have drained the diesel out and put new diesel in and changed the fuel filter, still no joy with starting it, I have bled it but there is no diesel coming through, any ideas as to what it might be, the rac man reckons the stop solenoid could need replacing, but i am having real trouble in getting one. do you have to buy the whole fuel pump with it on.

    • Hi tim my fuel filter has fuel in but wont let me bleed, is there a seal on the pump what can be changed

    • Russ Burnett // November 22, 2012 at 11:19 am //


      Other than the primer pump on the top of the fuel filter housing is there any other way of bleeding the system as I am priming but feel no resistance other than that how long does it take to prime the system?

      Any help would be massively appreciated.


  52. Tim
    How do I replace the pump seals or rubber seals in the fuel lift pump and where would I get them from please ?
    (I can remove the pump and mechanism and it has 3 or 4 rubber seals inside, one is push and one is a pull, they resemble the rubbers in a break wheel cylinder on drum brakes.) Would appreciate any info you can give me. Thanx

  53. Austen Hapenga // December 2, 2009 at 11:30 pm // Reply

    I have just bought a Mitsubishi pajero 2.5TD 1993 model. I have driven it for a short period and it started switching off itself especially when I stop at traffic lights and put it in neutral. I also oberved that it was losing power when I change into gear four and the mechanic told me to buy the fuel housing unit which has a primer pump. when I look at this unit it has not got any provision for any electrical connection. The fuel filter together with the pump that are said to be defective are exactly same as the pictures you have shown.My question is what happens to the electrical connections that you mentioned that they should have contact with fuel because the housing unit with a primer pump has no eletric areas to connect electric cables?

  54. probably sounds like a silly question but why did you take the whole filter and priming pump assembly off when you dont need to because doing so creates air locks in fuel lines that can be averted by just unscrewing the filter from the priming pump whilst it still in the vehicle because i havent had any problems doing this and ive changed the filter about 4 times on my 2.5td pajero i know you said your new to being on the spanners but the best tip that i always go by is dont over complicate simple tasks

  55. Totally agree with you Allan and I’ve been told that before! Trouble is, when I tried to remove the filter only I couldn’t get enough force on it to unscrew it in the position it’s in. I’ve tried to do it that way every time I’ve done a new filter, but can never manage it, so I just end up taking the whole thing off.

  56. The filter & water sensor can easily be removed & the intercooler & filter housing left in situ, having removed the fuel lines & bottom elec connector if it has one, get yourself an oil filter strap wrench (looks like a nylon belt with a 3/8 drive ‘buckle’ on it) put it round the filter & use a ratchet with a 12″ extension on it & it will simply unscrew, simply swap water sensor to new filter & reverse proceedure to fit it back on, you should manage the bleed pump ok.

  57. craig mackenzie // December 30, 2009 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    I have a problem with my 2.8 the fuel stop solinoid on the pump lost a chip of rubber from the corner of the seal and the car continued to run when turned off at the key to stop it i would have to loosen 3 injector pipes then it lost power dramaticaly i found the stop solinoid and replaced it but still major power loss i found a filter of sorts in the solinoid valve above the stop one, and removed rubber traces from there but still no power is there another filter in the injector pump, and where is it, cheers craig.

  58. Thanks for sharing that Craig – might help someone.

  59. craig mackenzie // December 30, 2009 at 9:52 pm // Reply

    Hi tim you seem to know lots about these pajeros, i have not been able to find out on the net, about this injection pump, would you know where there is a likly area within the pump where the rubber bits could be caught up causing a fuel restriction, or if there is any internal diagrams of the injector pump layout on the net, many thanks craig.

  60. Hi Tim

    Thanks for this very helpful manual. I haven’t ever done any repairs to cars o trucks but with this instructions and the credit crunch pushing I think it’s time to give it a go so this will be the first thing I’ve ever done. I’ll try to do it by next week and let you know how did it go.

  61. andy (ireland) // January 7, 2010 at 4:22 pm // Reply

    tim your a star . i have my pajero 2 years and only changed the fuel filter once with your help . jeep kept cutting out , found black sludge in the filter , so i would say two years for a change i drive about 40k miles a year . you made everything so simple .



  62. I have been having some problems with my 2.8 paj recently it had about as much acceleration as a JCB digger. As a last resort to solve the problem I decided to change the fuel filter. No issues with the job but i noticed that the haynes manual had a different filter housing description to mine (mine was the same as your diagram). Until i found your site i was not aware as to what the white disc was on the side and therefore could not bleed the system correctly.
    After reading your information I returned to my workshop bled it and my God what a difference. I would say you have saved me at least £15000 as I had decided to get rid of the paj for an X5.
    Thanks a lot, your sight will be my first port of call now as the information was invaluable.


  63. Had my pajero about 18 months now no probs. Due to bad weather tried 4 wheel drive last week had light on dash saying wheel lock next to 4 wheel drive light. Car felt like wheels going in different directions couldn’t drive it. When put back in 2 wheel drive wheels stayed locked. Only returned to normal after much turning on and off. Never had problem before when used 4 wheel drive. Any ideas?

    • After using 4wd put select lever in 2h lights on dash will flash then reverse untill they go out this disengages 4wd as i was told when i first bought one 10 yrs ago

  64. Tim

    Thanks for the instructions. Easy to follow and I managed the job in about an hour. Would have taken alot longer without your help and saved me a few quid.

    Thanks again for this brilliant guide.


  65. Glad it helped Luke 🙂

  66. as i read the instructions first i wondered why he was doing it in such a difficult way, the easiest way is to remove the second battery and use a filter wrench to remove filter (after removing water sensor plug )then with filter out remove water sensor from bottom of filter and the rest has been well described

  67. john o connell // February 20, 2010 at 11:06 pm // Reply

    thanks a mill, brilliant article , just after suffering for last two hours trying to bleed filter, delighted to find this information, well done and thanks again..

  68. Air Force Ken // March 30, 2010 at 11:56 am // Reply

    Great post!!!
    Just an FYI to anyone that is working on a 1992, the priming pump in on the to of the manifold. Just above where the filter screws in. just push down on the top and the jump will do its job

    • Thanks Ken, it’s a good point. There are at least 2 different types of filter housing that I know about.

  69. thomas green // April 27, 2010 at 12:25 am // Reply

    now fellers got a problem wi a pajero 1992 exceed the glow plug solenoids aint clicking when ya turn the battery on yet once it just fired up they click on and off for a few seconds anyone any idears regards tom

  70. changed fuel filter (after removing inter cooler) would have been out side the realms and comfort zone of this kiwi with out your “Maintainence for Dummies” the photos were the clincher!
    My old ex Japan 2.4 Montero (Pajero) is more frisky now .Many thanks.

  71. Hi there, i just bought a v74 2000 model and the problem is that after driving at times it just cut off itself.Than it drags on when i start but starts after some time and works again.Please help.

  72. I have a problem on How to replace the pump seals or rubber seals in the fuel lift pump because it leaks and produce bubbles from fuel pump to enjection pump and where would I get them from please the 3 pcs rubber seals? im from philippines

  73. Hi.I have a 2.8 k reg lwb pajero that i’ve had for sailed through its mot a couple of months ago went out to go to work on friday morning and it wont start.tried jump start but no joy,its trying to fire but i think that there is no fuel getting to the happened once before the day after i bought it and parked it facing up my very steep drive.turned it around and pointed it downhill and it started fine and been fine since until now.any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have the same problem with mine, any suggestions what it could be, I was thinking something to do with the stop solenoid?

  74. Maybe related problem? I have a 98 swb 2.8 gdi, at 60-65 mph it starts to jerk, ok when I am either side of the range, fuel filter ????.

    Also when changing the filter are the seals included?

    Also power steering fluid any recomendations? cheers Simon

  75. I followed the original post and instructions and it was really clear and useful, many thanks

  76. can you tell me how hard it is to change the gaskits on the fuel pump on a 1992 2.5td please.

  77. Hello , great write up. Had pajero for over a year now, last winter had trouble starting , would start run for a few miles and then stop. Found its the commom problem of the seal on the fuel pump leaking. As for glow plugs mine eats them !!! I have just changed mine out for the winter. Seems Starts quicker than the wifes new MB now. Cracked cylinder heads are also common for the 2.8 pajero (just check ebay lots on sale thus lots of demand!) – To test for cracked head, with engine cold, start with rad cap off wait few mins if foam starts coming out then its gone. When i got the head off it looked like an injector was choked and spraying up at the head. causing over heating and thus failure. After new year will take the injectors out again and have tested.Pajero ones can be serviced thus far cheaper then a head change. Oh yes for fuel pump seal watch out for people that have fitted an electrical inline pump. As yes it will aid starting but the leak will now be fuel contaminating the engine oil. Not good.

    Off to find out why my differential lock light keeps flashing – wish me luck!


    As they say keep up with the maintenance of a pajero or things can get expensive!

    • Excellent advice, especially about how to find a cracked head.

      Many thanks for your input – I’m sure it will help someone reading this.

    • Hi berty, I have been having a similar problem but can’t understand the logic, before I spend any more money on this problem can you help me understand why my pagero only stalls once, the rest of the day it runs fine. And it always stalls within a mile of the house. A local mechanic also said it was a seal on the fuel pump. The mechanic before said it was the fuel filter and changed this but that did not resolve the problem.

    • Hi Duncan
      Cutting out once and then being fine all day is a classic fuel pump seals being shot symptom, so I’d say your mechanic is right.

  78. What happened to the cambelt change how to?

  79. The other morning I went to start my shogun 2.8gls but got nothing. There is fuel getting to the injector pump but when I cracked the injectors there is nothing coming through a bit odd as it was running fine the day before if any 1 here could shed some light on it I’d be very appreciative

  80. Hi there

    I have a 2.8 1993 Diesel Pajero.

    My partner and i was driving along and it suddenly cut out. We stopped for 5 mins then it restarted; a few days later it did exactly the same thing but failed to start and we towed it home.
    I was advised to change the fuel filter which in turn i did and bleed it but the engine will not turn over. We called the breakdown people out and they tolf me it was the lift pump in the fuel tank..i couldn’t find an eletrical pump but i found the 2 fuel pipes one with a filter on, i blew the airline down it (not sure if thats the right thing to do) but the fuel line was clear back to the main fuel filter.. we are completely stuck and not sure what else to do….as there is no fuel getting to the injectors..if you can help in anyway i would appreciate it…please email me..regards Trev

  81. Have you checked the fuel return line disconnect and pump the primer c if fuel comes out, if it does check your fuel stop solenoid is working!

  82. hi tim how do i no if the solenoid is working, she it make a noise when ignition is turned on. thanks tim

  83. i have a 93 2.8 lwb , loverly car, but every now and then if im driving it hard on the motorway in 2wd the at temp light glows up then if i ease my foot up it goes off, only happens now and then, any ideas ?

  84. hi tim had trouble with my balence belt so when puting back together decided to change the filters till i got to the fuel filter only seen the type whith the hand pump on the top on outher cars till i seen this one on my pag 2.5 and dident know wat to do with it looked in the manual and it shows the hand punp on top as this is not the case when you get to the pag i was a bit stuk but now you have explained it so esey it wont be a problem now dident want to remove filter as dident know how to get the fuel back in but now i do thaks a lot tim brill

  85. my mate recently changed the cylinder head on his 1992 pajero 2.5 diesel and since then it will only fire and run badly as if running out out of fuel. I have checked the timing marks which are correct. By passed the EGR system. I did note that when pumping the fuel plunger on the filter fuel came out of the plunger as well as the bleed screw. Any ideas welcome.


    I look after a couple of MK1 2.5TD Pajeros for a gliding club. They both have the 4D56 diesel engines, and whilst searching for info on servicing, found this via the Mitsubishi Delica Owners Club UK site:

    In case you can’t get the link, what they are saying is that there is a little stainless steel sieve filter under a bolt head just forward of the injection pump throttle spindle. They reckon it gest clogged with bits of the main fuel filter and on a high mileage vehicle can block completely. A rinse out in petrol or other solvent and a good blow should vlear it and this can dramatically improve performance.

    If your diesel Pajero will idle but not pull, or keeps cutting out, I can definitely recommend giving the black rubber plunger on top of the main fuel filter some pumps until resistance is felt.

  87. hi tim its paul (pag 2.5 lwb 91) i said about the balance belts be for every thing is still fine on that score. i now have a new problem for you it was thir befor the belts and now is still is thir after the belts problem here goes it stared some time ago stometimes high reving when got warm now and again instead of runing at 750 rpm as it should it revs up to 1000 rpm as though the air con is on (but it isent)and stops thir when ticking over un till stoped and gos back 1000 when re stared when still warm it now does it every time i start it. so when stood at lights ect it revs high at 1000rpm and sounds like i am reving it high been looking around the injection pump at the point it revs up and nothing seems to move to make it rev up taken intercoler of to try and see more but still carnt see enthig moveing to cause it to rev up can you help sory dident know wat section to put this in so just added to the one from be for thaks paul

  88. Neal Ramperad // July 15, 2011 at 2:53 am // Reply

    I found your diesel filter changeout to be quite informitive.(Not knowing how to bleed the system)

    Best Regards
    Tanks Neal

  89. Hi, i have 95 pajero, 2.8ltr turbo diesal. Its been playing up, always in the morning. Idles rough, blows smoke, clears its throat it may stall with in a 6 min period, and runs fine the rest of the day. took it to mechanic, checkd fuel, looked crappy. he said water in tank. Askd me if i,d used a particular station to fuel up which i had, and he,d had about 4 cars usin same station with same probs, they had unleaded fuel, i have diesel.he recond the colour of my fuel looks like an addative had been used to get rid of water. Told me to run my tank as low as i could without running out, refuel with quality fuel. Ran good for a while but it had a new fuel filter too. Now its rough so after takin this info to an auto supply shop, they gave us a conditioning treatment that sorts water and algy out. I think itscrunning worse sine adding it.

    Any ideas???? I,m thinkin of doing filters, drainin tank, new injectors.

    Thanks for any help

  90. 2.8 pajero has a common problem with the fuel pump seal ,would start and then cut out , have a look at the pajero owners club web site

  91. how many fuel filters are on a 95 2.8 lwb pajero

  92. Hi I have a 1991 pajero 3.0v6 can anyone tell me where i could purchase replacement fuel pipe from the tank to the filter orif i can replace it with rubber pipes. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Phil

  93. What type of fuel filter does the 2.5L turbo diesel automatic take? MK 1 long wheel base?

  94. The Original // March 28, 2012 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Good article Tim, thanks. I was trying to remove the filter in situ. The Blue Print filter I used says to turn filter until it makes contact with housing then an extra 3/4 turn. I would have overtightened by about 2 turns but have set acordingly.

  95. rabbit man // June 11, 2012 at 1:01 pm // Reply

    brill site learnt loads you all make things sound so easy my 2.5 paj was smoking really bad after looking at this site she dont smoke no more thanks keep it up

  96. Very good information with photos. Now my Pajero run beautiful. New fuel- and airfilter is good for 2.8 liter huntingcar.

  97. Hi Tim, Had a problem with mine and I know nothing about cars! checked the manual for help and got lost, found your guide and managed to do the job myself. I would have really been stuck without your help. Once again thank you Tim great site you have and will be my first point when I need to do anything else.

  98. Russ Burnett // November 22, 2012 at 4:54 pm // Reply


    I have a 1993 pajero 2.8 diesel, it has been stood for about 7 months while i have been away and now the power is stumbling it is not too bad in park but when i drive it, it does have major problems getting over 3000-3500 rpm and it also stumbles a hell of a lot. i have changed the air and fuel filter and its base power is a little better but up to 40 mph then it stumbles again, could this be the injectors if so what can i do to rectify this any ideas would be massively appreciated.



  99. I’ve a problem with my 96 2.8 pajero. It won’t start in the mornings. Not getting diesel. I’ve had a non return valve put on to stop diesel going back but ain’t working I put an electric trickling pump on made it worst. Do I need injector replaced? Help please 🙁

  100. Hi, couple of questions: no water or fuel comes out of filter when I unscrew the white threaded water sensor. When I pump (pump on top variation/version) it wont go hard. My problem is that the car (2.8 Challenger) wont rev over 3500 in gear – fine in neutral – I’m thinking fuel starvation and was starting at the fuel filter. Suggestions?

  101. Hi, i have a 2.8 turbo intercooler Pajero 1995 (P reg) which has an intermittant fault that when it has been stood for a while, come to start it, it starts up okay although I can set off 100 metres down the road when it starts to cut out, it takes a few turns to start up then cut out again, usually after 4 attempts it’s okay, it seems to run okay for a few days then i have the same problem again, do you know what could be the cause of this….is it related to the fuel pump?

    • Hi Graham
      Sounds like the fuel pump seals need replacing – a classic Pajero problem. Can be done yourself if you’re good with the spanners or find yourself a good mechanic, ideally one that knows of this problem so they can verify what I’m saying.

  102. Thank you very much for this well illustrated instructions by Tim. It is very helpful to a lot of users of diesel engine with such type of filter housing/priming pump.
    Hi sir Tim, I will be sending you my story about the trouble that Ive been encountering in my 2003 2nd hand Pajero. I really need to seek your help so pls bear with my long story which I think is important for you to distantly diagnose the trouble.

  103. I bought a 2nd hand 2003 model Mitsubishi Pajero 3 weeks ago. I didn’t encounter any trouble during the 3-day test drive that I had with it, but unfortunately, the trouble came out just a day after I finally bought the said unit.

    First, I replaced the original filter housing/priming pump because it could no longer suck fuel from the tank. The original is of course similar to what is in the picture that you illustrated here, and I replaced it with a generic one that anyone can find in almost every auto supply– I am referring to the type that has it’s priming pump on top of the filter housing. By the way, a new filter usually comes with it as an assy.

    The pump works well in priming the filter and in bleeding air. It also works well in starting the engine and in running the vehicle at a normal load, that is, when I don’t switch on the air conditioning system. This is somewhat unusual because the idle up solenoid is obviously working–the engine doesnt shut off instantly upon switching the aircon on– it shuts off after around 15 or 20 minutes of using the aircon, and I cant restart the engine without bleeding the air from the filter. This situation sucks coz I dont wanna be blamed for causing heavy traffic in an already traffic-jammed narrow streeeeeeeeet. Aside from that, I hate the embarrassment, and nobody wants to be in such situation–not even a mechanic who is an expert.

    To eliminate some of your suspects, I want to assure you that my engine doesnt have a problem with compression. The injection pump and its injectors have also been calibrated just recently. In short, the engine operates smoothly with a very efficient combustion and great pulling power. The fuel tank is clean, and the fuel hose clamps are tightly secured. There’s no leak in the fuel lines, but here’s what I have observed in the prime pump, pls read more below.

    The inlet port to which we connect fuel hose from the tank seems to have a restricted fuel passage. I tried to blow air into it but I could hardly feel a little amount to get through. I believe that it shouldnt be restricted so that fuel can flow freely from the tank, through the filter and to the injection pump when the engine is on. Out of this observation, I am now considering the possibility that when the aircon is on, the injection pump (with its additional load) empties the filter but cant refill it up due to the restricted passage of fuel, and so I would need to bleed air from the filter again.

    Now I am thinking of buying a new genuine priming pump from mitsubishi but it is somewhat expensive, and I dont wanna spend for something that wont solve the problem.

    Pls give your comment on this and pls give some suggestions on more accurate diagnosis.

  104. hi guys, i have a 93 pajero 4m40 with similar problems, starts and idles fine, as soon as it goes over 60km/h starts to stall and turns off. Things done, new fuel filter, intank filter removed seemd really dirty, pump replaced, after original one with new seals did same thing. Basically stalls and dies off. Inputs much appreciated. thanks in advances, sam.

  105. Hi Tim Great article
    My 2.8 pajero that I’ve just had for a month had to be rescued the other week by the AA ran out of fuel only the tank was 1/8th full on the gauge. AA man tried to bleed the filter to no avail admittedly in the dark. The garage inspection (in good light) revealed the filter had one short length of hose connecting both inlet and outlet pipes on the filter housing together!! and the feed and return lines from the tank are connected directly to the pump It looks like the feed nozzle was connected to the return tube hence the reason I ran out of deisel as the return tube goes into the tank at a slightly higher level.
    Obviously the previous owner was having problems with fuel supply it may be that the tank filter is blocked!
    Apparently the original fuel lines are metal and are prone to rust and often need replacing this should be a check for anyone with an unmodified vehicle
    Mine had been replaced with rubber pipes but the filter was bypassed which was difficult to establish in pitch black conditions.

    I was thinking of replacing the filter housing and filter and re connecting in line but couple of things I’m not sure on that you may be able to help on before I make a start. (This could have been done by the garage I suppose but I already paid £100 for their diagnosis and the existing fuel lines are too short to be able to reconnect the existing filter.)

    1. Which pipe on the Fuel pump is actually the inlet is it the one nearest the filter position?
    2. There are 2 electrical connections on the filter assembly one on the housing and one is for the water sensor what does the one on the housing do ?The replacement housing I have has a prime button on the top but does not have any other electrical connection.

    I will also be changing front brake discs soon so will try and do a post to the same calibre of yours
    Cheers Berry

  106. hi just a quick question mate, what diesel fuel filter brand would replace a 1991 pajero fuel filter, preferred not having a sediment drain plug on bottom of filter, as i live in philippines in a very isolated location we can not get Mitsubishi fuel filters, any positive advice appreciated cheers Randy Mindoro Philippines

  107. I have 2500 shogun sport for a few months now been having trouble starting when it has been left standing changed plugs and relay to no avail seemed as if fuel was running back to tank changed fuel filter touch wood it starts first time now

  108. Awesome instructions Tim. Exactly what I needed to know thanks mate!

  109. Thomas Routley // July 8, 2014 at 10:31 pm // Reply

    Your a legend,

    First ever attempt after reading your article fully before starting and with some mechanical
    Knowledge I managed it in 25 minutes, not bad and happy days 🙂


  110. Clive English // August 8, 2014 at 10:14 am // Reply

    Hi Tim,
    This is how a manual should be done, clear pictures, pointed arrows and a clear flow of well edited English.
    Now if we can get you to do the whole car, life would be so much simple.


  111. Some kind words above, thanks!

  112. Just fitted new cylinder head and fitting new filter but the Haynes manual shows different filter housing. Good clear description and photos here are perfect. I now see that the plastic screw cap is in fact a pump when unscrewed so great I can finish the job!

  113. I have a 2005 model mitsubishi pajero jeep .
    It has a problem for when i drive it 10km it does not take acceleration & when i have stop the car then it will be run again.
    But i dont understanding what’s the problem?

  114. immanuel latchman // February 2, 2015 at 7:31 am // Reply

    hello and thanks for the guide. Do you the part number for the pump. I can not find the seal of the primer and when i prime the pump it leaks fuel form the primer. Any suggestions

  115. Hey Tim..great stuff,so clear and easy to understand….many thanks from Australia..

  116. Do u have any idea what function the power Hold button do in pajero intercooler 2800 diesel 1997 model (automatic Transmission) and wht is the best position of this switch for normal driving

  117. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed right now.
    Greetings from Iceland

  118. Hi. I have a pajero too. The 3 door version . Diesel. Yr97. Three years back I used to get an acceleration problem. It wouldn’t drive up slope no matter how hard I would accelerate. I got its engine down and fixed its compression problem. That’s what the mechanic told me. It was running fine until march this year. It started slowing down again. I neglected it for a while, didn’t drive it as I have other cars. But now, since last few days when I started the engine, it accelerates on its own even on park. My foot is not on the pedal and yet it makes a accelerating sound that starts from low to very loud. It’s scarry! Wat must be the problem? 🙁

  119. Hi all, I recently bought a 2.8 pajero and when I stop and switch the engine off the engine keeps running!
    I took into a garage to have it sorted as i discovered it could be the fuel pump solenoid! The mechanic said it was meant to this as someone had put a device that allows the turbo to cool down before switching it off.
    I cannot find anything on the web about this, is it true? Hope someone can help, Cheers

  120. Well looks like its been a day or two since a reply..
    Any how done some welding etc and getting my mk1 ready for an MOT so notice the fuel pipes are very rusty so replace the pipes with rubber ones but the problem was on the fuel tank as i broke the pipe going into the tank,any how dropped the tank etc to repair it which i have done and put it all back togather but there is still a leak from the pick up pipe .I now read this and think thank the lord as i have put thirty £ fuel in and now i can just take the floor up great post thanks so much.. Burnie.

  121. richard shank // January 8, 2017 at 4:30 am // Reply

    how about a part number! for the filter

  122. Hi, if I have removed fuel filter, replaced with new one full of nice new diesel and put everything back together, but forgotten which way the hoses went onto the filter, does anybody know which way round they go?? (its a 2.8 lwb btw)

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