Pajero TR4 Flex

TR4 Flex Pajero

Bart from Brazil has contacted me with these pictures of his amazing Pajero TR4 Flex in an even more amazing location.

He tells me he is from “Fortaleza, the capital city of Ceara state, located in northestern Brazil” and the photos were taken at “Camocim, which is located in western cost of Ceara state, around 350 km (219 miles) away from the capital city of Ceara state”.

Pajero On Beach

I think I’ll let Bart tell it in his own words:

This is Bart here and I’d like to share with you my Mitsubishi Pajero. It’s the Pajero TR4 Flex model 2010, recently launched in Brazil. The 2.0-liter 16-valve engine that powers the Pajero TR4 Flex develops 140 horsepower (105 kW) and 22 kgf.m (216 Nm/ 159 lb-ft) of torque. It was the first 4WD flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) from Mitsubishi in the world that can run on any combination of gasoline (petrol) and ethanol.

Its transfer case is Super Select 4WD-i (SS4-i) which combines the advantages of part time and fulltime four wheel drive with four available options: 2H (high range rear wheel drive), 4H (high range fulltime four wheel drive), 4HLc (high range four wheel drive with locked center differential and 4LLc (low range four wheel drive with locked center differential). Another advantage is that it gives the driver the ability to switch between two wheel drive and fulltime four wheel drive at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph).

I must say I really like this Pajero, especially how it seems fairly small and chunky for a four door model. And what can you say about that beach – fantastic! Now I’m off to read a little more about this model…..

Thanks for sharing Bart.

Pajero On Beach

Pajero On Beach

Pajero On Beach

Pajero On Beach

3 Comments on Pajero TR4 Flex

  1. Very Nice Bart

    Love the locations Sand ‘n Palms Brilliant ! ! …… not like the monsoon type winter we are having in NZ the last month or so However its very very green due to that.


  2. vladimir silva // August 19, 2010 at 12:57 am // Reply

    Adoro este carro. e você?

  3. wow!!! I like the background, I dying to own a tr4 ffv

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