Paris Dakar Mk1 Pajero

I love this! It’s a 1988 Paris Dakar Rally Special Edition. Lots of extras including Recaro seats. Lovely Mk1 Pajero if ever I saw one.

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  1. hi
    lovely site , glad to see so many beauties here, i have a swb gen 1, i was wondering what is the tyre size if above pajero

  2. gotta love those recaros!

  3. Rami Fetyani // October 30, 2017 at 5:55 am // Reply

    Hi guys, know it’s been a while, but just bought a very similar car but have little to no information about the special edition and how many were built etc. Any chance someone on here knows more about them or where I might be able to get some info? Thank you!

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