Removing Bullbar and Fog Lights

As part of the alterations to the appearance of my Pajero I’ve decided to do away with the bullbar and attached fog lights. I thought about this a lot as it is a nice bullbar and the fogs are also pretty cool, original Mitsubishi ones. But, it’s not really the look I’m after so they had to go.

It was a fairly easy job really. Took about half an hour with my trusty socket set. First of all I needed to go under the bonnet and disconnect the fog lights. A nice plug in connector on each piece of wiring made this very easy. The bolts holding the lights to the bullbar looked pretty rusted so I saw no reason to remove them.

Then the number plate had to come off. Not as easy as your average number plate as this one is attached to a small unit that must backlight the plate. So unscrew the plate first, remove a plastic cover and then unbolt the holder from the bumper avoiding breaking the two bulbs inside. Once done I decided to let the unit dangle rather than disconnecting the wiring as there was no obvious way to do this under the bonnet.

And then to the bullbar itself. Two bolts into the top of the bumper and two down below, near the sump cover. Took the bottom ones off first. They came off pretty easily as the bolts looked in good condition. Then the top two. Bit trickier these just because access was slightly limited between the bullbar and the Pajero bonnet. An extension bar was needed on my socket ratchet to do this. Skinned one of my knuckles and swore a little, but they came off pretty easily really.

At this point I was surprised just how heavy the bullbar and fog lights were as I pulled them off. I weighed them later and they were almost exactly 20KG or a little over 3 Stone. Fair bit of weight to be hanging off the front of a vehicle.

Removing the bullbar obviously gives a full view of the front bumper and it’s plain to see this has seen better days. Just going rusty around the various holes that have been made in it. Another job for another day!

So after sticking the number plate unit back in place that was it. Completely transformed the look of the car and for the better in my opinion.

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  1. Hi – do you have your bullbar for sale by any chance?

  2. Hi Cate. It’s a good question – not sure what to do with it really, it’s just stuck in my attic for now looking sorry for itself. If someone were to make me a decent offer I’d be very tempted. Otherwise it may eventually end up on ebay.
    By the way it has Mitsubishi spot lamps attached that work fine but do have some rusting starting on the chrome. The bullbar itself is in great condition. You or anyone else might want to email me for more chat about this – tim [at]

  3. David Harron // February 8, 2008 at 10:14 pm // Reply

    Did you ever sell your bullbar? I have a 94 Pajero LWB which I bought last May and have been on the look out for a nice looking bullbar. I have seen a few like yours on other Pajero’s and I think it looks the part.

  4. Hi Dave

    No, still got it. In the attic and in exactly the same condition as described below. Just not gotten round to doing anything with it. Bit of a waste really. Anyway, if interested, give me an email on tim [at] (if you haven’t already).

  5. hi tim, im clint from malta and i have a 2.8 swb and actualy im without the pajero because it is in the sprayer’s garage because i am changing her colour from, dark blue to sonic blue like the evo 10 colourand im doing some modz on it to a sporty look, now im gonna ask you a question that might help me . i have removed the bullbar like you did and im searching in any maltese stores to find the top chrome cover to eliminates the bolts from beeing seen and those fog lights holes, do you know if theres any left that i can buy from uk… if you know from were i can buy one please let me know i’ll be happy if you help me . i send you pictures once it will be ready with all the stuff even when i put it onn 22’s lexani wheels when they arrived.
    regards clint ..

  6. Hi Clint

    Funny you should mention that as I’ve been thinking of getting one myself for a while. It’s called a bumper finisher and one place I do know they sell them is here:
    Also seen them elsewhere, but can’t remember where and definitely seen new and second hand ones on ebay. Point is, they are still available.
    So I’d try Milners and see if they will post to Malta. If not I should be able to help you out, just email me from the contact page.
    Look forward to the pics.

  7. hi my pj lwb 1993 has the same BB. how much are they werth to say sell….my wife dont like it on ..DANGER…so its got to go… A NEW HOME

  8. Hi Simon
    I got £50 for mine but I’ve seen them go for £100. Just about finding the right buyer. I suppose you could sell the wife instead 😉

  9. Hi, I’m looking for a front RHS driverside fog light for an April 2006 Pajero sport LWB.

    Any ideas where I can get one?

  10. Hi John
    I’m afraid I don’t know for that model. I guess you’ve thought about ebay?

  11. Hi i have a fog lamp but i don’t know where to plug it. Can you send me a picture where the plug found please. i don’t found the wire but i have the switch conected in the dashboard.

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