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Went on my first ever off-roading day on Sunday (August 5th). It was arranged by Andy (ukrabbiter) through the POCUK forums and took place at Briercliffe quarry near Burnley. Just the four of us involved: Andy, Gareth (LFM), Dennis (denjo) and of course me.

I’d known about it for a few weeks and so I couldn’t wait to get started when the day finally came. And what a day! Following the lousy summer we’ve had this had to be one of the warmest, most beautiful days of the year. It’s about half an hour’s drive from my house through some lovely scenery and the site itself is in the middle of nowhere. Really nice location.

Obviously as it was my first time out I was a little nervous I suppose, though really it was more in terms of not getting my truck hurt. But then again, if you’re going to do this sort of thing you’ve got to be prepared for the worst. But most of all I felt excited. Getting off-road was a big incentive in buying a truck like this. Let’s get her dirty! I’d equipped myself with a new CB, wellies and tow-strap including shackles.

So we set about the various climbs and mud holes (not many this time of year) and I just followed and took advice on how to approach obstacles. One of my main problems was working out which gear to be in and what to select on the transfer box. All three of the blokes with me helped me a lot with this (thanks). What I found was that I could in fact tackle most stuff with the truck simply in 4WD High and Drive. Only on occasions did I need to drop lower. To be honest this side of things still needs a lot of learning about and experience I suppose.

Anyway, I think I managed pretty well and took on everything the other lads did – even if certain obstacles required a copule of extra attempts from me. But I can’t really emphasise enough how much I enjoyed this day out and it wouldn’t have been half the fun without the men who were with me. And I highly recommend Briercliffe. Cost us £25 for 6 hours and the ‘staff’ there were a great bunch who even knocked up some bacon butties and mugs of tea. What more could you want?

See my pics here. You can also have a look at Andy’s photos here. Andy’s videos here.

Briercliffe Part 1

Briercliffe Part 2

Briercliffe Part 3

Briercliffe Part 4

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