Still In Love

Well, I’ve had my Pajero for 5 weeks now and we’re still very much in love! Due to a heavy workload I’ve not been able to blog about the truck too much but I hope to make up for that in coming weeks. Also due to work I’ve not really done a great deal with it – either driving or working on it. Really it’s just been a case of local driving and checking fluid levels.

Anyway, lots to do on the truck. Really need to get on top of my servicing schedule, so I’ve been looking into which oils and filters I should be using and how often I should be servicing. After initially considering paying a mechanic to do the work I’ve decided to do as much work as I can myself. More about my servicing soon…

Also got a couple of minor problems to sort out. The passenger’s side electric window isn’t working so I’ve got to track down the cause and fix. Also on the passenger’s side, the electric fold in mirror isn’t working. Works fine on the driver’s side and as part of my travels involve a particularly small and busy car park I could do with them both working.

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