Subwoofer Now Installed

Vibe CBR10This is the final piece in the jigsaw for me in terms of upgrading my Pajero’s music system – the subwoofer.

I’d looked at various ways of adding the required bass to my system and decided an active (amplifier included) enclosed box system suited my needs the best. I read quite a few reviews on this particular box – the Vibe CBR10 Active EVO and thought I’d give it a go. I must say that after having it in place for a couple of weeks that I’m very pleased with my choice.

The sound is great and I have the added convenience of being able to remove it very quickly if required, though to be honest I don’t think I ever will. The boot space in a SWB Pajero is very limited anyway, so it’s not like I miss the space that this now takes up.

Fitting the box was all about wiring. The hardest part being the fused live cable that goes directly to the battery. Actually fitting that cable isn’t a problem but getting it through the bulkhead into the interior of the car is tricky. There’s a ready-made hole available for passing wires from the engine bay to the interior, but it needs work to get to and then the existing wiring takes up most of the space!

The way to get at this hole from under the bonnet is to first remove the rear battery (the one nearest the bulkhead). This should reveal the hole as below.

Wire Hole in Bulkhead

The hole is covered by a large rubber grommet and has a big bundle of wires already going through it. So somehow you have to feed through the new wire (pictured red here) which was very difficult, but I got there in the end. I then made sure I got lots of tape around the rubber and my wire to try and make a water-tight seal. The hole is fairly low in the engine bay and so you really need to make sure no water’s going to get in there – especially if you like the odd river crossing.

The rest of the wiring is from the back of the stereo to the subwoofer box and one earth wire that goes from the box to a suitable earthing point in the boot.

To neatly bring the wiring from the front of the car to the back I used the ready-made wiring channels that run down each side of the car under the step plates. Pretty straight forward stuff. And to finish things off my cabling kit has a nice quick release plug so that whenever I need to remove the box I can do so very quickly without having to unwire all the connections.

Then you just follow the setup instructions to configure the amplifier and subwoofer for your car/stereo and listening preferences.

Like I say, I’ll probably never remove this as I don’t miss the boot space. I was also concerned about it rolling about when off-roading, but the weight of the thing means that it sits still on its own and the green-laning I’ve done since fitting it didn’t make it move at all. So I think it should be fine.

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