Super Silver Pajero J-Top

Some superb photos of a very nice and highly modified J-Top that were sent in to me.

Click on the images for the large version.

And here’s a spec list of everything on this truck:

1993 NH Pajero
3.0V6 (fairly quick for a small car too)
J-Top convertible model
Sunroof and roof doesnt leak however typically discouloured plastic etc
Electric sunroof
front ARB air locker
rear factory air locker
center factory diff lock
second high volume bushranger air compressor
33″ Mud tyres on 16in alloys (285/75/16)
full exhaust system
bull bar
steel rear bar with additional reinforcement
lots of spot lights ($1500 worth, 4 across roof, 7 on front bar)
2.5″ lifted pedders suspension
2 inch body lift (not shown in pictures)
MP3 player and lots of speakers
Dual battery system with isolator
No structural rust at all
5000kms old HD clutch
5000kms old KYB shocks
Engine serviced, doesnt miss a beat, never overheats, tows well
Transfer case just replaced last week
New windscreen
Subs and amp (though i want to keep these)
Aftermarket steering wheel
Remote alarm/immobilizer
Tow bar

Very nice and I’m thinking I really need a hot J-Top if it attracts such lovely ladies!

If you’re the current owner of this Pajero, I’d love you to contact me to tell us more about it.

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  1. does the arb air locker help eventhough we have a central differential lock?

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