That’s A Big One!

This is Edwin’s whopper of a rig, a Mk4 3.8 V6 Pajero tugging a Flagstaff caravan. He tells me the Paj is 4.9m and the caravan is 9.9m (including A-frame). By my calculations that makes a massive 14.8m in total, or about 48 feet. Try doing a 3-point turn with that! “Tows like a dream though”.

Edwin, Pajero and Caravan

And this is no ordinary caravan, he’s currently converting it. Here are the specs so far:

5 cameras (1x rear Paj , 1x front Caravan , 1x rear  , 1x view over door area for nights & 1x Black water waste (so I can see at what point to stop when dumping waste )
7′ GPS  floating in from  dash & 10.2 inch (switching) camera monitor on drivers sunvisor Etc …
that way I am able to see the que of traffic behind me , need it with that thing hanging off my Arse ( Ooooops …posterior )

Oh did I mention my pull down 69″ screen & DLP projector & computer desk in the van , yea I know ..real overkill …typical Edwin ..nothing 1/2 measure

Pajero and Caravan

Thanks for sharing Edwin, and watch out for those dips in the road!

5 Comments on That’s A Big One!

  1. This black detail on the front bumper, front radiator grills and hood with the nameplate Pajero fit very well. Where is this Pajero from?

    • Afraid I can’t remember Bart and I did have it written down somewhere….

      Perhaps Edwin could answer if he reads this.

  2. Hi All

    Just had a belated looksee at the site Excellent (keep up the good work Tim )

    I’m Semi based in Christchurch.. being in Canterbury , New Zealand. though Still travelling around lots .. and near completion of all my bits ‘n bobs All the inside is now converted though yet to build an Aluminium box on the rear bumper of the van for my 3.3Kw Geny.Solar panels 90cm Sat dish & remote spotlight on roof along with all the cameras is all done.

    Hhmm what else can i thow on there ??? 8-}

    All the very best

    Oopsss P.S. and the Pajero ….. WONDERFULL !! not a hickup yet… I’ll send some pickiez soon’ish

    • Hey Edwin!

      Good to hear from you. Keep adding bits and I look forward to more photos!

  3. Oh and by the by … “three-Point-Turn” whats that ???
    … just find me a roundabout to change directions P L E A S E … or around the block … THREE POINT TURN INDEED ! ! !
    Bah-humbug 8-{

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