The Big Day

I’ve been like a little kid waiting for Christmas this week. Driving my wife nuts I think. Just can’t wait to get my hands on my ‘new’ Pajero. It’s been about three years since I’ve had a new car but I can’t remember feeling like this for many years. The last ten years or so has just seen a steady flow of very good but boring family saloons. I think that this totally different type of motoring experience is exciting me in the way a new hot-hatch would have done when I was 17, or perhaps when I passed my motorbike test.

Anyway, the day finally dawned and my wife and two boys set out Manchester way to pick up the new truck. There she was, all valeted and raring to go. Did the boring paper-work bits and grabbed the keys. Of course my little lads insisted on driving home in Dad’s new truck and so we set off.

Almost immediately we encountered a horrendous downpour as we approached the M60 motorway. This carried on all the way home making the M62 even more fun than usual. Had to go through the usual processes of getting used to the width of the new motor – the wife behind me later telling me I was giving things an extra wide berth. Funny really, because the Pajero is actually slightly less wide than the previous car. I’m also totally unused to driving an automatic but that’s a pretty simple thing to get used to.

So we got home and in jumped the wife for a spin up on the moors where I can at least find some gravel tracks. Also wanted to take some photos as the sun was making a brief appearance.

And after much cruising around that was the first day with my Pajero over. Bit of a relief to be honest.

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