The Mitsubishi Pajero Toolkit

When I was looking at buying my Pajero I had a quick look in the toolkit that’s attached to the back door. From the bit of reading I’d done I knew that there were often bits missing when people buy the trucks. Mine was no exception, with as far as I could tell just the one tool missing although it turned out to be two.

So one of the first things I did when I got her home was to take a pic and post it on the Pocuk forums asking what was missing. The answer was the centre cap remover and the allen key to remove the sunroof. Not sure where the allen key fits as I presume the centre cap remover must go in the slot above the spanners. The other interesting thing is that I don’t have a sunroof but it’s obviously a generic kit. I’m not even sure if a centre cap remover is relevant with my steel wheels. Maybe just for standard alloys?

Anyway, the point of this post is just to let everyone who might read know that I’m on the look out for these bits. eBay being the obvious place to look right now.

UPDATE: I’ve got the centre cap remover now. Bought it from ebay for £7.50.

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  1. Hi, I’ve got 91 Pajero and some of my tools are missing too, which are allen key and 10-12 double-end wrench. Could you please tell what size of the allen key is so I could find a generic one and put it into the toolbox?

  2. Hi Egor. I don’t actually know what size it is as I don’t have one. Probably the best thing to do is try and get one off ebay. I’ve seen a few on there but just not got round to buying one yet.

  3. hey guys,
    size of the allen key in the toolbox is 5mm.
    OH YEAH !!! Hello to everybody from bloody cold Canada !!!

    mark (mojo)

  4. Hi Mark. Thanks for the info. Put another log on the fire!

  5. ya right ! Fire freezes at that temperature, haha

  6. Well, guess what i CAN’T FIND THE CAR JACK , CAN someone tellme where it was supposed to be in the vehicle

  7. Hi.
    Depends if you have a long one or a short one 🙂
    On a SWB the jack is in a hole in the plastic covering on the driver’s side rear wheel arch. The jack handle is attached to the bottom of one of the rear seats (flip them forward).
    On a LWB look behind the little hatches beneath the front of the rear seat base. I think the handle is in a similar place too.

  8. hi,when we got our pajero which was second hand with the one previouse owner being in japan ,on the side of the front passenger foot well it has a flare clipped to the panel.can anyone tell me if this is a standard fitting .jim

    • Hi Jim
      Yes, your flare is a standard part. I believe it’s a legal requirement to carry one in Japan, though this might not be correct.

      It’s fairly rare to find one on a UK Paj as rumour has it they get nicked by the dock workers when the cars land here. Same with toolkits. But then they all mysteriously end up on eBay!

  9. If you still have the original flare, might I suggest that you remove it from the car at some point. My understanding (though I may be wrong) is that it is illegal to carry them in the UK (They contain explosives and are therefore subject to firearm legislation).

    Also, they may become ‘unstable’ over time. You wouldn’t want one going off all over your passengers legs when you hit a pot-hole

  10. I montero doesnt have any tool in the back door tools… where can i buy all of them? thks a lot

  11. Looking for some tools, I ended up on this site..
    I had the same “problem” with some missing tools from the kit.
    Found an alternative here but not that cheap:

    Maybe will be of some use for others..

  12. Cassandra Mckay // July 7, 2017 at 9:25 am // Reply

    I just got my self a new full kit the allen key sits under the little screwdriver and finishes at the tool before the hub cap tool.

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