Tony’s Cold Starting Trick

Pajero Cold Starting


Tony emailed me to share his experiences of Pajero ownership a while back. He’s been kind enough to let me publish it here.

Possibly the biggest problem us Pajero owners have at this time of year is cold starting, so it’s interesting to hear what Tony’s done to try and fix this.

Rather than edit, I’ll let Tony tell you all about his Pajero in his own words:

“Our youngest son Rob had a gardening business and we obtained a Brava twin cab which did the job very well, anyway, he found a job with the local agricultural society showground and no longer needed the capacity, a mate of his who managed a car supermarket site came home in a Paj 2.8 swb which was a bit flash compared to his Brava so he was sold!! Basically he had taken it in part ex and needed to get rid of it!

So, welcome to the world of automatics, climate control, adjustable suspension and overdrives etc. What a piece of kit and all for 2.5 grand.The original tool kit had never been used and everything was “as new”, of course we have since learned that many of these “grey” imports come into the UK like this over 10 years old and no rust! amazing! Meanwhile I had started to fancy this set of wheels despite the fact that it only has 3 doors and isn’t exactly the most fuel and space efficient thing around.

So, next the problems, as soon as the weather cooled down it became reluctant to start so we threw ourselves at the mercy of the local diesel specialist who tested the glow plugs and found that only one was working, a new set solved the problem, at about this time Rob found a job working for the M5 Motorway contractors working 05.00 to 13.00 or 13.00 to 21.00hrs which meant starting up at some unsocial hours, needless to say it was in summer last year so no problem – yet! When the cooler weather started it became difficult to start again so I did a few tests and it was obvious that the glow plugs were not working, the solenoid between the batteries was not kicking in so I made up a temporary fix which was a short length of jump lead with a couple of croc clips, just connect both terminals on the solenoid having downed the drivers window, walk round and instant start!! then disconnect the lead and off he goes without causing too much noise at 04.30 in the morning.

Now we are into increased fuel costs so Rob now needs to improve on 21mpg since his commute is 17 miles to the motorway services each way. The only alternative is for him to buy a more economical set of wheels. After much research he decided on a 2.2 Astra Sri which leaves him needing to dispose of the Paj. Needless to say Dad steps in and makes him a bid he can’t refuse. He reckons the Astra saves him £150 a month on fuel!

Now I have had the Paj for 6 months and I love it, Immediately the thing is reluctant to start so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new solenoid, down to the local Mitsubishi dealer, he says sit down on one of the courtesy seats and I’ll tell you the price, £96, so I lie down until the feeling passes and, kind soul, he tells me how to repair the old solenoid. Take it apart gently, don’t pull on the leads and wrap a bit of emery tape round a small screwdriver to clean the copper contact bar. It worked! and now it was starting instantly again. After a few months starting got less reliable, same problem, so I talked to another auto electrician and diesel specialist, yes, he can get me a solenoid but they cost the earth so why not use a GR19 relay? I says what about the capacity? 100amp plus he says, are you sure I says then he says at £15 it’s worth a try and nobody has come back since I started suggesting it! Well, we got the relay, he charged me £12 cash, it has two large connections and two small spade terminals I connected it all up, one of the spade terminals to earth and now I have instant starting from cold. I honestly don’t know how long it’s going to last but at £12 it can’t be bad even if it doesn’t last indefinitely.”

Relay to help Pajero cold starting

Tony tells me these relays are available from any good auto electrical supplier. The one he uses is Droitwich Auto Electrics on 01905-778814. Can’t guarantee they will be able to do one for the cost shown above or post it, but might be worth a try if you can’t find one local.

Tony got back to me with an update on the cold starting after he’d been away on holiday:

“This morning it was covered in frost and started the instant the glow plug light went out, since I fitted the relay it has always started instantly, Rob my son, started it on Friday for the first time since it was parked up for a few weeks and said it started instantly. Last winter he owned it and had lots of starting issues caused by glow plugs not functioning.

It looks as though we have cracked the problem at a realistic price! however it remains to be seen how long the relay lasts.”

So I’ve asked Tony to keep us informed about his relay trick. Although it won’t fix everyone’s starting issues, it’s an interesting one to keep an eye on.

[Please note: as usual, any modifications shown on this site should be copied at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from these ideas.]

Thanks again Tony!

The working Pajero!

If you’ve got problems starting a cold Pajero, you might also be interested in this post I did some time ago – Pajero Cold Starting

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  1. Andrew Gibson // December 10, 2008 at 8:43 am // Reply

    Where can you buy an GR36 relay and do they connect strait in.

    • HI , you should have used 2 of the relays , re wired so one did 2 plugs and so on ” easy peasy “!!
      Now i have been to the factory in Japan for a tech course ” as i am a mitsi engineer ” and what i am about to reveal may shock you “!!
      First i hear everyone saying “”its an import” never seen a british winter “?? that is the first myth ” as minus 26 down to minus55 can be had quite easily in japan ” ((hence they make winter pack models)) for the eastern area (as thay put it )) now they have seen how fords are built ” and think its very funny the way we accept the rubbish ” so they build a “SHOGUN”” for us , with ((you wont believe this ))?? thinner steel on the chassis,,unbalanced pistons , and crank “” all pajes ” are ballanced to within 100,000 of a gram ” the rear bumper is rubbish ” but look at the nice ones on pajes ” Also the salt used on there roads is twice what they use here ” and the dont run out ” it comes from aussie” and they use there brains (((SALT _SEA WATER ))
      sprayed on the ice ” I live three hundred yards from the sea and they ran out of salt here in wales “”hahaha”” they walk amongst us ” EH “!!! thye paj also has seven more coats of paint including 2 more undercoats ” and cranks are tufftrided, as is the cam followers , unlike shoguns “”I could go on here all night ” but the fact is DO NOT TOUCH A SHOGUN”” on a quiet night ” you will here it rusting “” MPG,, shut the waste gate for good , have full boost ” you will get an extra 15 MPG, and watch that baby go ” the engine is easy strong enough ” have SAFE fun out there ” kev

  2. I’ve now updated the text above. It’s a GR19 relay that’s needed for this, not a GR36 as first written – available from any decent auto electrical supplier.

    • hi there a have put the gr19 relay in an new glow plugs an it still dosent start in the morning a have to use cold start to get it running any sugeitions on wot could b cousin it a have a j plate 2.5td inport

    • tim where can i pick up a gr19relay nobody in the local area seems to know code no and so cannot locate/ie is it a lucas part .
      is there any other suggestions of what could be the problem starting a pajero in cold weather apart from fuel pump seals look forward to your reply / stuart

    • Couldn’t tell you Stuart to be honest as I’ve never bought one myself. A quick Google throws up a few places but I couldn’t vouch for any of them I’m afraid.

  3. I had the same problem with my 1996 45,000 MILE swb 2.8 Pajero – Greinton Garage John Lewis Somerset, sorted it – fitted a button starter with relay, copper glow plug rail, removed the EGR system. Now starts first time everytime even after 3 days no go at 3 degrees of frost – I always get 29mpg plus

  4. 29mpg John? A lot of people reading this will be very jealous, me included! Thanks for your input.

    • Guys,

      I have just bought Paj 2.8 5 doors and its been fine for the past month but today it was really cold and it didnt start I tried it 4 or 5 times but no use. I am not a techy at all infact knows very lil abt cars or any kinds work so I would really appreciate your help. I used the cars couple of nights back and it worked absolutely fine. I believe its the same cold start problem I have spoken to the people who sells this GR19 relay and they quoted me about £20 the only problem is even with the above clear instructions I am afraid if ill make a mess of it?

      Does this relay GR19 replaces the solenoid completely?

      “Now look at the picture and you will see the short earth wire I had to make up using a push on terminal (red) and a ring terminal, this I attached to the other solenoid bracket bolt behind the plastic cable holder” is this easy? how would I make the earth wire

      apologies to be a pain


  5. Regard MPG I have found that turning the OD off when only on 40mph roads (Around the doors) seems to save some fuel, and only switch on the OD when I am on the motorway.

  6. Yeah, I’ve heard of that before Steven. To be honest I’m far too lazy!

  7. Hi, thanks for the great blog. I am having exactly the same problem with a 93 SWB TD. I’ve changed the plugs, cleaned the busbar and still get jerking in at first start with really low idle, about 400rpm.

    One question I had is how do you fit the GR19 relay into the existing setup? I didn’t understand that part of the blog on fitting it..
    I am not too mechanically minded, would it be better for a mechanic to do?

  8. Hi Amir
    I’ll have a word with Tony and see if he can give us more details as it’s not something I’ve done myself.

  9. Tim/Amir
    Re fitting the GR19 relay, the picture tells the story. The original solenoid was fitted to two captive bolts between the batteries, the GR19 has a bracket with a single hole, this was fitted to the bolt nearest the engine. then I attached the two large terminals, the size is the same as the old solenoid so you shouldn’t need to alter them. Then I attached the existing small terminal wire to the one small terminal, again you still use the same terminal as the size is the same. Now look at the picture and you will see the short earth wire I had to make up using a push on terminal (red) and a ring terminal, this I attached to the other solenoid bracket bolt behind the plastic cable holder, I am not a skilled mechanic but I have a reasonable understanding of vehicles, it took me about half an hour but a good mechanic would probably do it in half that time! Also I used a proper pair of electrical terminal making pliers.
    I understand that the way the system works is that with a cold engine when you turn the key the heater light illuminates for about 5 secs then you start it up when the light goes out, I beleive that another relay holds the current to the heater plugs for about another 10 secs to avoid uneven running/misfire for the initial start up. If you read my original story it was a sod to start when the weather got cold now it fires instantly from cold, today it was -3c and no problem!
    Good luck with it!

    • hi toni, just bought a 2.5 td exceed iv had the usual probs starting the darn thing! changed both bats new glow plugs had reconned alternator, works great except i keep having to get the bonnet up every morn and also if the cars been standing for more than a couple of hrs to stick a wire on my batt to warm the plugs, well yeah thats been doing the trick but its getting colder and so decided to buy a gr19 and hopefully its going to work. how hard will it be to change? as im going to try and do this myself. the guy who i spoke to when i orederd the relay has had calls from all over the country for this part. and for under 25 squid inc postage i thinks mint just hope it works, its going to help no end wasnt looking forward to cleaning the 6″ of snow off before starting my moody paj. has any1 else used this part and how long has it lasted? thanks louise

  10. Hi Tim/ Tony a very Happy New Year to you both and thanks for your advice. I’ll probably get auto electrician to take a look on installing it as I don’t want to destroy something else.

    One final question though please: Can using this relay cause any damage to any part of the system? Relays, battery etc? in your opinions.

    Thanks again.


  11. steven black // January 4, 2009 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    hi tim . steven here problem is the exact same.not starting. mine is a 2.5 td pajero . would i need 2 buy 2 gr19 relays as it looks as tho i hav 2 selinoids and is that a bigger problem 2 fit than u had with urs .. i await ur reply. urgently

  12. Andrew oakes // January 4, 2009 at 6:21 pm // Reply

    I have problem startin my 2.8 pejeo in the mornings ,once it start it smoke abit (black and white) but then it clears and run fine can u give me a idea wot it could be cheers andy

  13. jimmy johnstone // January 6, 2009 at 1:19 am // Reply

    Hi Guys like the site, ref your starting problems i had the same probs, after replacing both relays and actualy repairing 2 as well i found out it was my ECU that burnt out, due to cost i am going to run a bypass from the relay to a push to make switch as per the instructions from cableguy at the following link good photos with it

  14. 1994 paj 2.8d starts 1st time but when travelled bout 1/4m cuts out and difficulty starting,when started again cuts out for 2nd time then starts again,then when reached norm temp is ok for rest of day,anyone know problem please?

  15. Hi jj

    What your describing are the typical symptoms of having knackered fuel pump seals. It’s a common problem with the Pajero. You’ll need a decent mechanic to sort that one out really.

  16. I am having the problem where my pajero keeps cutting out ramdomly. (apparent fuel pump seals). However, if I bypass my fuel filter the car runs fine, I have put a new filter on but as soon as i connect it, the car cuts out again. Anybody have any ideas?

  17. Hi,

    If you’re worried about 100A not being a high enough rating, it’s entirely possible that you could wire up two of these relays in parallel for increased longevity.

    Also, if you’re worried about damaging sensitive electronics with this setup, simply add a power diode between the coil terminals with it’s annode connected to the ground side. This will suppress any high voltage generated as the field collapses. However, I’d guess this isn’t much of a concern as the original system also drives a coil.

  18. Geree and Jack Willigers // August 18, 2009 at 6:55 am // Reply

    I’ve got the same problems, but when I pump the manual fuel pump I can get it started, however I have to repeat this for about 5 min. before it runs normal. One machanic said it is the pump above the filter while another said it must be a fuel pump in the fuel tank which isn’t working. I have now no idea what it is.


  19. Geree and Jack Willigers

    It sounds as if your seals are gone on your diesel pump – most noticeable on a 2.8 which will always cut out at the same place after initial starting in the morning – but does happen to every engine using the bosch-type fuel pump.

    What is happening is the seals being worn are allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank overnight then the pump needs to draw a load of air up before it gets fuel to deliver to the engine.

    A pump rebuild should cure it but you’ll be looking at £250+ if you remove and replace the pump

  20. steven 2.8 paj owner // December 3, 2009 at 5:07 pm // Reply

    cold start problems 2.8 paj
    i had the starting problems where the paj would run lumpy at start then eventually it cut out a short distance down the road.
    the fuel pump i removed and got the fuel pump seal on the shaft only fitted for the second time it was fitted two year a by the previous owner two year ago but the previous owner had the paj standing on driveway, apparently if the engine stands for long periods this can cause the seals to fail? so a diesel specialist told me however the engine now has not cut out but runs lumpy again at start up on a cold morning. i have not yet checked the glow plugs as i was told the engine just would not start if they wer at fault it has always started right away. i suspect a leaking fuel line above the tank (accessed from in the boot) as from what i could view did not look in the best condition. i think i will try bypassing the fuel filter also just to see how it starts for a couple of days.
    i wondered wht is the 2nd cable for alongside the throttle as it is like the engine needs choke on cold start up and the cable has a bit of slack in it any suggestions?

  21. Pajero 2.8 oil pressure sensor removal.
    Forget the 24mm sensor as it is easier to takle the 17mm bolt underneath it and then seperate them in a vice once it’s removed from the engine.

  22. Hi,

    running s J reg SWB 2.5TD with 2 batteries and 2 solenoids. Think 1 of the solenoids is knackered. When warm the it sometimes (getting more frequent) won’t start. Turn the key, clicking noise and nothing. Have temp solved the problem running a jump lead from the + on the battery direct to starter. How do I know which solenoid is knackered and is it okay to replace both with 1 relay or are 2 relays better? Your wisdom is greatly appreciated.

  23. gaston martinez // March 14, 2010 at 6:53 pm // Reply

    I have problems wih the overdrive, It connect and disconnect while is running on the road.
    is a solenoid in the gear box wrong?
    what can I do?

  24. First start of the day has been terrible for weeks. Had some spurious relay readings on my multimeter and tried Tony’s GR19 Relay fix.

    20 mins of effort and job done. Started first time. Long may it last :0)

    Excellent advice. Many thanks.

  25. hi my mitsubishi pajero has got a problem where it will run good for a few weeks then for a day it will not start i have change the altinator put new battery and still got the problem.wot shall i do?.

    • Guys,

      I have just bought Paj 2.8 5 doors and its been fine for the past month but today it was really cold and it didnt start I tried it 4 or 5 times but no use. I am not a techy at all infact knows very lil abt cars or any kinds work so I would really appreciate your help. I used the cars couple of nights back and it worked absolutely fine. I believe its the same cold start problem I have spoken to the people who sells this GR19 relay and they quoted me about £20 the only problem is even with the above clear instructions I am afraid if ill make a mess of it?

      Does this relay GR19 replaces the solenoid completely?

      “Now look at the picture and you will see the short earth wire I had to make up using a push on terminal (red) and a ring terminal, this I attached to the other solenoid bracket bolt behind the plastic cable holder” is this easy? how would I make the earth wire

      apologies to be a pain


  26. Hi, Didnt work for me and its only down to -2 in october. I have changed the relay for the GR19 and have fitted a new Zinc coated heater rail, still the same old cold start. The old girl will eventually start but it is in clouds of blue smoke and rather embarasing. The glow plus were changed last year and helped, but it has now got worse, anybogy got any ideas, dont want to put the old girl down yet, sehe still shines and performs very well once started.


    • Dan the Pajero Man // October 24, 2010 at 6:26 pm //

      I have just done the above and it worked a treat.

      Tim, I would say you need to replace the glowplugs as well as the old relay may have fried your existing glowplugs. I bet once you have installed new glowplugs she will fire up.


  27. Hi, Didnt work for me and its only down to -2 in october. I have changed the original relay for the GR19 and have fitted a new Zinc coated heater rail, still the same old cold start,the old girl will eventually start but it is in clouds of blue smoke, a run down battery, and rather embarasing. The glow plugs were changed last year and helped, but it has now got worse, anybody got any ideas where to go next, dont want to put the old girl down yet, sehe still shines and performs very well once started.


  28. Hi, I have a 1996 Pajero Fieldmaster which has the same cold starting problem. Before I setup a manual bypass or changing the solenoid to a relay, I need to test and ensure which part is at fault. ie, relay or ECU. I did a voltage test on the connection that goes from the ECU to relay and I didn’t get any current/voltage when turning the key, this leads me to think that the ECU may have packed-up. I also tried to connect a live feed from the battery to the same terminal (only for a few seconds obviously) and see if I can get the car started, but it doesn’t seem to start at all. I don’t even hear a click from the solenoid when i connect the live feed. If I connect a wire directly from the battery to the busbar, the car starts. Does this mean both my solenoid and ECU are at fault? I also checked the wiring and they seem fine. This car has only one relay (pre-heat only I think). Any help would help

    Thanks, Lee

    • just fixed 2 shoguns with sme starting fault where the solenoids have gone causing a part of curcuit in the ECU to melt.which is really easy to spot.the ecu is on the side of the passenger floor well and comes offand apart easily.after replacing solenoid i made a quick fix of the ECu with some solder and both vehicles are starting straigt away

  29. Thanks Paul, that might well help someone.

  30. Tim, any problems with this yet? is it still working?

    i’m just about to give it a try, hope it works and thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Lance
      Last time I spoke to Tony it was still working fine, but it’s been a while.

      Good luck with it and if you get chance, let us know how you get on.

  31. I have a Shogun 2.8 diesel with the cold starting problem, I have bypassed the fuel filter with a straghit inline and now she runs fine, I would like to know what problems will be caused if i leave this in permenantly, and how can i find out if its the fuel filter that needs changing or the pump seals.


  32. Cheers for the reply Tim, and that sounds like the best way to approach this, is it alright to leave the straghit line filter in, and do you know what problems this could cause
    if left for a long period?

  33. Sounds like the best place to start, how long would you say is safe to leave the bypass straghit line filter in, and can this not be a permenant solution??? and the only difference to the previous set up it the primer pump.


  34. hi i have a 2.8 paj with cold starting problems it would start then cut out after turning it over for about 5 min it would start and i first thought it was the batteries and still no luck so then took the filter out so it wasn’t that changed the tank pick up pipe and still had the problem then i knoticed that if i primed it by hand the fuel came out of the return so i bought and fitted a new seal set for the pump and that didn’t work it turned out it was the fuel return solenoid valve the one with the green top on the back of the pump i hope this will help some ppl and that my poor paj will be ok next winter

  35. hi can you tell me more on the ecu problem and how to fix as i think it could be at fault on my shogun heater plug light lights up on the dash but only for about 2 seconds you can hear the selonoid cut in and out and is starting ok at the moment as weather is nice but who knows when it gets cold it may not start for me please reply anyone

  36. hi my 94 shogun will start 1st thing when cold but go to work turn it off and it doesnt want to fire up, will do eventually, with a puff of black smoke what can be wrong maybe glow plugs eh?

  37. when the cold start relay packed up on my 95 shogun, it caused the control unit to fail,(or vis-versa). i got round this by substituting the relay with that of a starter relay from a morris minor and by- passing the control circui as previously described. so far so good.

  38. donna-loves-her-car! // October 18, 2011 at 6:36 pm // Reply

    My lad, Tyson (he is big,black,hard as f**k and eats the ears of Clio’s), will start first turn of the key but has a stutter and eventually he cant cope, so he coughs up a bit of smoke and stumbles to a halt which is totally embarassing and inconvenient. I haven’t even got off the front drive at this point! I have tried pumping the fuely thing by hand and this makes no differnce when he is cold in the mornings but once he has started and not collapsed he will go on all day without failing to start. I also find that when i put my foot down a little he seems to pull back on me and i get all juddered by him. I love my car and he is essential to me feeding my horses in the morning. I will try this relay thing and hopefully he will be back in the mix soon! Thank you all for your advice, now I need to find a man to do the job for me…any offers? lol! 🙂

    • Good luck with it Donna. I guess you’ll get plenty of men offering to do the job for you! 😉

  39. Hi all, great post.
    I have. 97 shogun 2.8 and apart from the cold start issue it’s a great machine. It’s hard to start but once it does and spits out blue/black smoke she runs perfect after 30 seconds and for he rest of the day. Is there anything I should try before the relay ie. Fuel filter, glow plugs as I can tackle these but reluctant to do relay.
    Any advice appreciated.


  40. How to fix mitsubishi pajero 2.8 powered steering pump makes over steer noise when it gets hot and loose 30%+ steering but ok when its cold yeas heaps of oil

  41. We have had 2 pajeros both with cold start problems,my man has tried mostly everything,glow plugs,relays,fuel pump,tank sender the lot,to no avail… he has fitted an electric fuel pump to feed the injector pump and bleed it clear of any air seems to work a treat,I know cos I use it for work every day and often found it very embarrassing sitting at the side of the road covered in Gray/black smoke trying to get it started again….give it a try folks ul a amazed how well it works……..

  42. i have recently went through a
    fecking large puddle in mypajero 2.8 exceed i have changed the alternator and my batteries are nt holding there charge i have also noticed that my temp and compass gauge resets along with my stereo clock and cetral locking and in car lights when ever the car is turned off all work fine when car is running please help this is week 2 of trying to repair my big beauty any helpful advice people am only 31 a dont want to look 51 before a get it running properly again lol 🙂

  43. john swift // April 4, 2012 at 11:46 am // Reply

    Have taken in all the advice about cold start.

  44. Hi people, just asking if anybody has come across a problem I’ve got, I have a 2.8 lwb exceed, if it a full tank of fuel it goes well, when it gets down till about quater of a tank it starts cutting out not running right, pull up to a stop it cuts out, I’ve replaced the sender bit in tank, but did not think it would b fuel filter cause it fine on full tank.

  45. hi my pajero is leaking water inside i had a speedo cable fitted and think they have nocked a hose off inside to the heater do i have to take the dashboard out to fix this

  46. I just wanted to say a big thank you for this site, and in particular this article. I have a pajero and have been having this exact issue with starting her in the last 2 weeks.
    I owned a long wheel base 4 yrs ago and never had an issue other than an expensive heating matrix replacement.
    But this short wheel has refused to start.
    Plenty of power in batteries simply will not turn over.
    I am no mechanic and cannot afford to go to the garage at xmas time lol, also i have a paranoia about being ripped off.
    At least now i have a place to begin trying to resolve it, and if i take it to the shop i can baffle them with my learned knowledge of glow plugs and solenoids, thus reducing the chances of being taken for a mug 🙂

    • My long wheel base had this issue and it turned out to be the heating matrix, do you also get a build up of steam in the cab?
      I hope it is a hose as the matrix is very expensive and they have to remove the dash and wiring to replace it, or so they told me 4 yrs ago and i am convinced they ripped me off.

  47. Hi. I have to say that english is my second language so it´s not so good. And my long wheelbase pajero 2.5td is my biggest problem last three months. It start ok but after 15 minutes stops. What I saw it looks like engine doesn`t get fuel. Already try two different fuel pumps, change fuel filter (2x), changing pipe lines in fuel tank, cleaning complete fuel tank, cleanig complete fuel instalation. And now fuel pump is conected directly to 5 liter canister. In this moment I suspect that the problem can be in electricity (cables,relays,maybe camshaft sensor or solenoid valves on fuel pump.
    Any ideas?

  48. have a 2.8 auto pajero that will not go into overdrive, click the button on gearshift but it makes no difference , and ideas gratefully appreciated thanks…………

    • i have the same problem. i have found some answers from others with the same problem. worst thing may be when driving at say 40mph with OD on, take foot off throttle and see revs – if they drop to tickover then the engine is not braking the vehicle so the problem is the OD clutch, which i fear is a major repair. there are other tests you can make, i suggest you google the problem.

  49. our 2008 model pajero getting heat with in 3 mints what is the problem please temp 85%

  50. Hi I have a 1995 pajero 2.8td which misfires on cold start, after 30seconds it sounds like its running on 3 cylinders, once you rev it for a bit, it runs fine and no more problems.

    I have changed the glow plugs, had the injectors tested and also replaced the pump seal. Any ideas?

  51. I have a 86 2.5TD Pajero. fuel pump is fine. glow plugs are brand new. Its turning over but doesnt fire up. just reoplaced the roller rocker arms and shaft with a kit. Sounds like it wants to go just doesnt. its not cold here in australia. Any ideas anyone?

  52. Tom Crawford // July 18, 2014 at 4:20 am // Reply

    Recently my 2004 Mitsubishi Colt double cab 4×4 (2.8 – 4M4) became hard to start & when it did a large amount of white exhaust was emitted. I thought this may have been due to the fact that the fuel filter change was fairly long overdue so accordingly fitted a new filter. As I was doing this I noticed some strange looking fluid in the radiator expansion bottle which on inspection turned out to be diesel. A positive leak check (no external leak visible)confirmed my suspicion that there was some sort of leak between the fuel and the cooling system. I flushed the cooling system which necessitated removing thermostat and opening various pipes etc and during this I discovered the small (1cm) pipe leading to the diesel pump. My workshop manual shows the pipe but there is no description of what its purpose is so I called in a mechanic for his input & advice. This was when I found out about the so called “cold start” solenoid. According to him the pipe went into the solenoid with no exit. Pressure only he said which somehow facilitated the cold starting needs. His advice…! block the pipe off at both ends. We don’t have cols weather in Durban South Afric..! and your problems will be solved. I did this (yesterday) put everything together again, filled the cooling system with water so I could easily see if there was a return of the diesel contamination, then took it for a short drive 10km, everything seemed fine except I thought I noticed or thought I noticed a drop in the fuel gauge. Suspicious because that is not normal. Also when I started the engine before taking it for the short drive, I did notice a slight hesitation before it started. (maybe a partial “lock”).
    Since yesterday, on reflection while I was sleeping! I am positive that I have not resolved the problem. When I had the cooling system open for the flush it was clear that the small pipe leading to the diesel pump, is routed in some way (not shown in my manual) through the pump and back into the cooling system. If I am correct,f blocking of the small pipe does not block of the “other side” wherever that is (also not shown in the manual).
    I think that there must be some sort of seal to isolate the diesel from the coolant, inside the pump and therein lies the problem. Where is it, how do I confirm my suspicion and how do I rectify it.
    I must admit that I did not (stupidly) carry out a postoperative leak test. I will do that when all normal people wake up..! and I am sure there is going to be a leak. NB after the drive there was no evidence of diesel in the cooling system, yet!
    Although by the time I resolve this problem I will know how it all works but if anyone can assist and also tell me how the “cold start mechanism” works it may shorten my task for which I would be very grateful.

  53. Tom Crawford // July 21, 2014 at 6:29 am // Reply

    Still waiting for a reply, please..! My suspicions were correct. Small leak still there and so is the white smoke when I start up.

  54. I have a 93 paj waggon LWB 5 door with a Delica 4m40 motor now aspirated. Fuel pump is M206620?? Motor won’t run without starter engaged. Dies seconds after key released. suspect pump is from 2.5 motor and needs more fuel. no boostcomp fitted, was off orig motor, but not sure what it was. Looked similar. Oil filter repositioned and re-plumbed. no dipstick, no oil level alarm. How hard is it to replace seals? I’m competent DIYer.

    Comment: 40mph in OD??????? That’s either a very low diff ratio, or just slogging the crap out of your engines. Never less than 50 for me. if eng speed too low you won’t have good oil pressure to preserve the brgs.

    Thks for cold start relay advice, I’ll wait til it goes bad, then fix. I thought Mitzys’ were cheap for bits!

  55. I own a 1994 Pajero 2.8td. It also suffers with cold starts. I’ve fitted new glow plugs copper busbar and ignition relay. In the dash is the pre- heat switch which helps with cold mornings. Sadly now its getting harder to fire up. It can take 4/5 goes before it fires up. Will this gr19 relay make it start every time or could the diesel fuel pump be faulty ? When its up to temp it will run and start all day long. Its just plays up from cold..

  56. Hi pajero master, my pajero 4d56 engine is cranking but not starting.
    what could be the problem sir,and how will i overcome it?

  57. My shogun 2.8 I think fuel is going back to the tank wen I pump the primer t
    There no diesel for at least 6 to 10 pump
    Shogun will bump off and stay runnin all day

  58. Hi can anyone tell me why my 2.8 pajero starts first time from dead cold but once warm it takes 10 to 20 turnovers before it fires. If i remove the engine temperature sensor it fires up cold or warm .

  59. good day i have a pajero 2.8 turbo diesel can you tell me how long should the glow plugs stay on after starting when cold, cause they stay on for about 5 minutes before they switch off. I think if this carries on it will burn the glow plugs. What could be the problem.


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