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Pajero WheelNot the most interesting of posts this, but I want to build up a full picture of my servicing. So anyway, I rotated the wheels today in the sense of moving their positions on the car, rather than just spinning them around! This should increase the amount of wear I get out of them as a full set as they should theoretically wear evenly.

I’ve seen several ways of doing this described in the manuals and other places. The way I did it was to simply swap the front passenger’s side wheel for the rear passenger’s side wheel, then the front driver’s side wheel for the rear driver’s side wheel. This was the way described in the Pajero Haynes manual when you are swapping the four wheels.

I’ve also seen a method described for four wheels that involves swapping them to the other side of the vehicle in a crossing manner. Personally I did mine as I have as it’s physically easier for me to work on one side of the car at the time. There’s also a method of crossing over the wheels if you want to incorporate your fifth (spare) wheel into the rotation process. As my fifth is a different make and purely a spare this wasn’t relevant for me.

Oh and this process should be carried out every three months according to the Pajero Haynes manual.

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  1. Saman Buddhika // August 6, 2009 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    I dont think it is required to rotate every 3 months if you maintain proper wheel alignment. any way when the tyre comming out of the factory it’s life span is decided. if you already passd the life span of your tyre set ,try to aviod high speeding (140 kmph) till it replaced.

  2. The way you describe wheel rotation is the way for directional tyres the other way – rear off to front near etc – is for non directional tyres.

    I use heavy competition tyres and always place the ones with the least balancing weights on the front then they stay like it until a new set is required (usually at half wear – about 6 or 7 mm left on the tread)

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