Yellow J-Top Pajero

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Well it’s kind of yellow! Another one of those amazing Japanese J-Top Pajeros. I wish I could get hold of some of those extended wheel arches in the UK.

3 Comments on Yellow J-Top Pajero

  1. Hi

    i just wanted to know where can i buy those extended wheel arches please i need them asp.

    Thank you

    • I’ve never found any in the UK, so if you manage to source some I’d love to know where from. I guess they’re available in Japan.

  2. hi,
    I wonder if you can tell if he had to change the crown wheel and pinion because of the extent of the tires.
    Excuse my question but I got into a tire 33 and got the jeep slowed.
    My English is no big deal.

    Augusto Ferreira

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